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10 Health Foods for Diabetic Patients

This is something we all know that every food has a different effect and reaction in our body.
For example, greens and leafy vegetables are generally considered good but consuming lettuce in food for diabetics might not be as useful when compared to spinach.

A poorly managed diet for diabetes can have repercussions like damage to blood vessels or permanent nerve damage.

Certain food for diabetics can spike sugar levels rather than balance it.

The diabetic food list to follow:

• The first and most important step is to incorporate a diet routine. Eating at anytime and anywhere is not advisable.
• The diet for diabetes should include slow digesting carbs, more of lean protein and fibre rich food that can help control blood sugar levels.
• People with diabetes also need to watch out for the glycemic index in the food they consume.
• Foods that claim low GI help raise blood sugar levels steadily as compared to ones with high glycemic index.
• Raising blood sugars slowly means the food will keep you fuller for longer.

Some superfoods for diabetes are:

1. Avocados: Avocados have healthy fat. Avocados have roughly about 20 types of vitamins and minerals.
Consuming healthy fats keep you full longer.

2. Walnuts: Walnuts should be your supreme choice as it combines proteins, fibre and healthy fats. Switch your packet of wafers with this and reduce your risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

3. Seeds like Pumpkin: Pumpkin seeds is high in good fatty acid. Lack of magnesium leads to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the leading cause of diabetes. Pumpkin seeds can be added to salads as dressing or just consumed as a handful.

4. Chia Seeds: Chia seeds has been trending in general for people of all ages at the moment. Chia seeds is rich in antioxidants, fibre, iron and calcium. 1 ounce chia seeds = 10g fibre. You can sprinkle this on top of your salad or dessert and achieve that extra crunch.

5. Ginger: Ginger is anti-inflammatory and can help reduce the risk of diabetes and long term complications. Ginger is known to reduce fasting blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. You can add ginger to your tea.

6. Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels. You can add cinnamon to roasted carrots, or your sweet potatoes. You can even sprinkle some over your tea or milk.

7. Spinach: Popeye( the cartoon) has been promoting spinach for a reason. Spinach is one of the best sources of potassium. Potassium deficiency has been linked to risk of diabetes and related complications. One cup banana has 539 milligrams potassium whereas spinach has 839 milligrams.

8. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are low glycemic index fruits. As per studies, consuming 1 -1.5 medium size tomatoes on a daily basis helps reduce blood pressure. What else? Tomatoes give you good skin.

9. Oats: One cup oats = approx. 27g of carbs. This makes oats in a day ideal for your consumption. Oats are also rich in fibre and have low glycemic index.

10. Beans: They are the most nutritious food choice as they are high in fibre as well as protein.

Apart from maintaining your diet, make sure you are keeping a tab on your blood sugar levels by using a Glucometer!

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