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15 Top Diabetes Blogs You Should Be Reading

Diabetes is a condition which can make you often feel left out. Therefore, finding people who can relate to you might help in easing out. As people often write blogs on various topics, here are top 15 top diabetes blogs you should be reading to know more about the condition and how they deal with it:

  • Type 1 Writes

Type 1 Writes is a personal top diabetes blog of a passionate young adult, Frank who is a Type 1 diabetic. The blog mainly covers personal experiences, stories, news or anything interesting. Based in Australia, the blog was started as a creative outlet for his studies in marketing and communications. He wishes to combine marketing and his experience about diabetes to make a medium to reach out to people associated to diabetes. Frank says he knows so much more about diabetes than he did before starting his blog. Also, being a part of diabetes community has made him feel empowered and passionate about the condition. This is ranked 30th in the top diabetes blog list of feedspot.

  • Project Blue November

Project Blue November is amongst the 100 top diabetes blog focussing on making people aware about Type 1 diabetes. The website was started by a group of moms to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes. Their goal is to build up a team of people associated with diabetes and work towards making people more aware.

The website was inspired during the hype of Ice Bucket Challenge and decided to do something on diabetes. During the research, they realised there was a lot been done on other top diabetes blogs but the need to make the information accessible was required.

Even though the project is majorly active in November, the community continues to share content relevant to diabetics and has become one of the top diabetes blogs.

  • Trip Therapy

Trip therapy is another top diabetes blog managed by Claudio who is an avid traveller. He wishes to travel the whole world with Type 1 diabetes. Breaking the myth that type 1 diabetics can’t do what others can, Claudio decided to travel the globe.

The journeys have allowed him to understand his body in a better way. This has also helped him in such a way that now he remembers everything what works for him and what not. Travelling allows him to see how his body responds to various situations, food and physical activity permitting him to plan his trips in a better way and not miss out on anything. This is one of the top diabetes blog recommended for travellers suffering from diabetes.

  • Six until me

Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1986, Kerri Sparling has been living with it for decades. She noticed the symptoms of diabetes when she was six years old. When starting her blog Six until me, Kerri was exhausted looking up for positive stories of diabetes. Here, Kerri talks about her personal experiences to make people aware about diabetes. As the maker and writer of Six Until Me, one of the top diabetes blogs which is ranked 18 in Feedspot, it tries to connect a worldwide group of patients, parents, and healthcare industry.

Kerri believes, “Diabetes doesn’t define me, but it helps explain me.” Outside of her blog, her work can be found at diaTribe, Animas, and in diabetes outreach like JDRF’s Countdown magazine, not forgetting her YouTube channel. Six until me is reviewed amongst top diabetes blogs. Knowing about online networking and its impact on patients, Kerri attends conferences related to diabetes. Her first book, Balancing Diabetes (Spry Publishing) was published in 2014.

  • The Fit Blog

Another top diabetes blog is The Fit Blog which is managed by Christel and is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She believes diabetes should not affect the quality of life. The website is run by Christel and her husband Tobias who want to make information accessible to people. The blog majorly focuses on diabetic articles, healthy recipes and workout tips. Their motto is “There is nothing you can’t do with diabetes”. This is why they motivate people and take diabetes management in a more serious way.

Christel started this blog to make people understand how important fitness is for diabetics. Even though the website is meant to show the importance of fitness for regular people, Christel personally has experienced how it affects the sugar levels. This has ranked amongst top diabetes blog for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Bitter Sweet Diabetes

Bitter Sweet Diabetes was started by Karen Graffeo to share her thoughts and experiences about diabetes. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1979.However in 2008, Karen began her website which eventually became one of the top diabetes blog, Bitter-Sweet and moved towards working in the diabetes online group.

She is a Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation Board Member, member of Diabetes Advocates, and leads the month to month Virtual PODS support meetings for Diabetes Sisters. She likewise advocates offline, volunteering with two neighbourhood JDRF sections in her home condition of Connecticut – she holds the volunteer Advocacy Team Chair position and Board seat and volunteers on the Adult Outreach Planning advisory group. The rank of Bitter Sweet is 40 in top diabetes blog list by Feedspot.

  • Diabetes Sisters

Founded in 2008, Diabetes Sisters was formed by a woman diagnosed with diabetes at a very early age. Besides facing so many hurdles such as social isolation, what surprised her was the lack of information about services for women with diabetes. Also, the issue seemed to be invisible within the health community of women and among the other top diabetes blog.

During her pregnancy she realised the issues of diabetes and relation with different stages of a women from puberty, pregnancy and menopause. All these hurdles prompted her to start Diabetes Sisters which has now ranked in the top diabetes blog for information related to women and diabetes.

Diabetes sisters focus on providing information and services to help women from all ages to live healthy lives. The fear of isolation is relatable to the people associated with the website as it is managed by those who themselves are diagnosed with diabetes. From sharing information and providing support, Diabetes sisters freely share helpful tips and personal experiences of diabetic people and are the reason for becoming one of the top diabetes blog.

  • Diabetes Daily Grind

A website dedicated towards inspiring people diagnosed with diabetes, Diabetes Daily Grind believes living with diabetes is a grind. From how-to-guides and humorous posts, the website tries to make it easy for diabetics. The blog is amongst top diabetes blogs for information of diabetes.

The website was started by Ryan and Amber to help others by their stories. When Amber and Ryan met for the first time, they connected over past diabetes debacles. Eventually they planned to work on a book series of different stages of diabetes. However, with time they realised the advice would be more apt for adult ears and thus started the journey of building one of the top diabetes blog. The focus of Diabetes Daily Grind is to discuss about the lives of people affected with diabetes as this is not discussed in a doctor’s office. This will help them save few heartbreaks and let people avoid mistakes and is slowly growing towards getting a good rank in the list of top diabetes blog.

Both Amber and Ryan are Type 1 diabetics and together they believe to bring a significant change in lives of diabetics.

  • Life, Sport+ Diabetes

On her 13th birthday, Melanie Stephenson was diagnosed with diabetes. The transition to different requirements for managing diabetes has made Melanie use insulin pumper for a very long time which prompted her to start one of the top diabetes blog for diabetes information.

After she was diagnosed with diabetes, Melanie decided to take athletics. She is an international level athlete who has represented her country in more than 30 occasions of 100m and 200m sprints. She was nominated and carried the Olympic torch in the London 2012 Olympics in front of around 20,000 people.

The reason to start her website which now is amongst the top diabetes blog was to ease the difficulties faced by diabetics. As she learnt the transition in a hard way, she wishes to share her diabetes knowledge to make people more aware. Melanie also volunteers as an international speaker/presenter, a media ambassador for Diabetes UK, a diabetes consultant and an IDF Young Leader and a Type1 Uncut leader.

Recently, she became the founder of Blue Circle Diabetes support group and an Abbott European blogger and her website continues to be ranked well in the list of top diabetes blog.

  • The Healthy Diabetic

Dan Piper was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in the year 2011 after being on a course of steroids for Ulcerative Colitis. As a training nutrition coach with Body Type Nutrition, Dan wants to help as many diabetics with their health. He wants to make the people believe that getting healthy and fit is not as difficult as everything thinks with his top diabetes blog.

He thinks there are many easy ways to achieve body composition, having control on sugar levels or even about nutrition. As there are a lot of information published in the health and fitness industry, Dan thought of creating a space where diabetics find an easy way to right information and apply it to their lives. The main focus of The Healthy Diabetic which is ranked 40 in the list of top diabetes blog by Feedspot is to make people understand that eating right and living a healthy lifestyle can do wonders to control sugar levels.

Through sharing his journey, he wants similar people diagnosed with diabetes to realise that they not alone. He wants to educate the general public about diabetes and its complications through his blog.

Dan was published in JDRF UK, The Tab, Beyond Type 1, Protein Pow, My Weekly Good House Keeping, Net Doctor, Freestyle Diabetes and The Sunday Mirror and is reviewed to be one of the top diabetes blog for diabetes information.

  • D- Mom

As the name gives the idea, D- Mom is a blog for parents to educate them about parenting Type 1 diabetics. The name is a short-form of a mother of a child who has diabetes.

D-Mom blog is one of the top diabetes blog for education of parenting children with Type 1 and was started to provide information about resources which are difficult to find. This online community encourages other mom to share their family stories and provide support and encouragement to each other. D-Mom Blog has a Page Rank of 5 and is frequently included among top diabetes blogs. The blog has received various accolades from, Healthline, Diabetes Hero and many more.

Leighann Calentine, the founder of D-Mom is a parent to two children; one of them diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2008. She is an original member of The Diabetes Advocates and has attended various social media events for diabetes-related companies including Medtronic, Lilly, Roche, and Sanofi.  Leighann is the author of Kids First, Diabetes Second.

  • The Understudy Pancreas

Ranked in the top diabetes blog, The Understudy Pancreas is a family blog of 12 years whose daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The blog focuses on every stages of child development ranging from baby to adolescence. It also talks about the trickiness and triumphs that Type 1 diabetics can face.

The author conveys that growing up with Diabetes can be challenging and siblings may thrive together in the journey which is one of the reasons for ranking amongst top diabetes blog.

  • Diabetes Geek

The blog Diabetes geek was founded by Amber who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was four. Her aim is to meet other like-minded people and spread awareness about diabetes. The blog which is reviewed as one of the top diabetes blog for T1 diabetes information acts as an outlet for her emotions. Amber is passionate about diabetes care and acts as an advocate for young people with Type One. Her hope is that someone somewhere will relate and gain comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

  • Very light No sugar

Ally has been a diabetic for 25 years. She started the blog to share her day to day experiences with diabetes. The name Very Light No Sugar came up through an essay which she wrote in high school explaining about what she has gone through following her diagnosis. Now, the blog is ranked 70 on the list of top diabetes blog by Feedspot.

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Ally believes that people with diabetes should be heard often in the diabetes healthcare management. Through her rank in the list of top diabetes blog, she wants to make people aware them through her experiences with diabetes. As people say diabetes is a lifetime disease, Ally doesn’t like that term for this condition. She believes diabetes can be overcome in lifetime. For this, bunch of support and awareness is required.

She thinks her little bit of the puzzle begins with this blog.

  • The DX (The Diabetes Experience)

With so much information available on the internet, The DX aims to associate you with comprehensive, timely, and relevant news and information about diabetes. This is why it is considered to be one of the top diabetes blog for sharing information. The information ranges from their original articles to information from trusted sources. The goal of DX is to become a reliable and key source of important and useful information.

The website provides insights not only in nutrition but lifestyle, diabetes basics, and health and fitness.  The blog is growing day by day and is moving fast for a better rank in the list of top diabetes blog.

The feeling of isolation in diabetes can make things challenging. Therefore, finding out people who share the same stories can make you feel better. This will not only help you socially and mentally but also answer the question that frequently comes to your mind,” Why me?”

Therefore, these top diabetes blog should be a must read.  

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