Thursday , 28 October 2021
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About us

For us at BeatO, our customers are our most valued asset and our team works tirelessly to ensure that our App is easy and seamless for you to engage with.

We have spent time reviewing all the comments and feedback that we have received, held in-depth discussions with users who engage with the App on a regular basis and based on this, we are pleased to reveal an upgraded version of the BeatO App. We hope the revamped version of the App is easy to use and a definite step-up from the previous version. We would greatly value any feedback as we continue to evolve the BeatO App to best suit your needs.

In the new version, we have modified several features, introduced more diabetes related content and have designed an improved user-interface. This is what you can now expect from the App:

  1. Education: We understand that you need assistance in understanding your diabetes, the lifestyle modifications that the disease requires you to make and the complications that it might lead to. Now you can read articles written by people who have personally dealt with diabetes and understand their experiences first-hand. In addition, we also provide you with an opportunity to speak with our highly trained diabetes educators to understand your disease better.
  1. Diabetes Care at Home Services: As a company founded by diabetics, we have recognized the need to provide you with convenient and affordable diabetes care at your doorstep. Therefore, in Delhi/NCR, India, we bring to you the BeatO care services. You can now avail of a blanket of services best suited to your needs by simply booking them on the BeatO App. As a part of the care plans, we send our trained Diabetes Educators and Technicians to provide services such as ECG, Diabetes Retinopathy, Diabetic Foot Exams and Diagnostic tests at the comfort of your door-step.
  1. Data Logging: BeatO continues to provide you with an easy interface to log and manage various parameters related to your diabetes. For our Fitbit users, BeatO now allows you to sync in your data and store the information regarding your daily routine directly on the App. We are working hard to extend this feature to users using other fitness monitoring devices
  1. Food Data: We have expanded our food database to include a greater variety of cuisines and provide you multiple options for portions size. In addition, we have made modified the database to help you understand foods that are good for you and those that are not.