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Be Assured, Let Your Endocrinologist and Diabetes Educator Guide You.

India serves as a potluck of therapeutic remedies. We are a nation of various therapies and alternatives when it comes to disease management. It is by temperament to visit the medical practitioner only when all has failed. The community chemist’s over the counter tablets or aunt’s home remedies are the appreciated ‘on-the-go’ line of treatment in our country. This is …

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Diabetic Diet: All You Need To Know About Karela Juice

Indian diet contains a strongly flavored vegetable Bitter Gourd also known as Karela in Hindi. Although it is not appreciated for its taste by few, Karela juice has been known to have antidiabetic significance. Here are a few studies to reinforce this point: The effect of karela (Momordica charantia) was observed on glucose and insulin concentrations in nine non-insulin-dependent diabetes …

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Diet For Diabetes: All You Need To Know About Methi Daana

Methi Daana Atta is one of the most favored flour recommended by diabetes educator at BEATO. The mildly spiced flour has benefits that are unique as well as requites for diabetes diet therapy. Methi daana is the Hindi name for seeds of the fenugreek plant. It is widely used in flavoring Asian Indian curries as well as dry vegetable preparations …

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Eye Complications Due To Diabetes: Should You Worry If You Have Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition developed due to chronic high blood glucose levels in the body. Lifestyle, genetics and stress are the primary causative factors responsible for onset of diabetes. Diabetes affects over 65 million persons in India (International Diabetes Federation; 2015). Although, diabetes can be managed well with medications, diet and exercise; health experts always inform about its long term …

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