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Purnima Varghese

A Parsi Twist to your Diet

Celebrated on August 17, Parsi New Year or Navroz brings in new clothes,interchanging sweets and festival wishes. This day is celebrated with great pomp and fervor. Delicious lunch and sweets are an integral part of the celebrations. While Zoroastrians across the world celebrated the new year on March 21, India celebrates it in August. This is because the Parsi community in India …

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Your Pet Holds the Key to your Diabetes Management

It’s a universal truth that pet owners are comparatively happier and healthier and those furry friends selflessly contribute towards making it even better. It is their unconditional love and companionship that makes pets the ultimate healers as they hold the key to your health management. It’s been observed that pet owners suffering from any ailment improved their health greatly after …

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Emerging Type 2 Diabetes in Young Adults

International Youth Day is an awareness day designated by the United Nations to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. But apart from these issues there is another emerging concern ‘diabetes’. Type 2 diabetes is significantly increasing in the pediatric and teenage population worldwide. Though more common in adults, it is on the rise …

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Diabetes In Older People

Diabetes is usually a lifelong condition which requires careful treatment. Diabetes occurs when the body fails to make or properly utilize insulin.But as and when it progresses with age it causes certain difficulties for the diabetic patient. Before we move on to complications let us first understand the symptoms of diabetes. The major signs include: Fatigue (feeling tired all the …

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Diabetic Chocolate Cake with Frosting

Cake and diabetes sounds a bit odd right? But here is a recipe that is absolutely diabetic friendly and tasty. Now you can enjoy a nice piece of cake while following the  diabetic diet. You’ll need       150 grams Diabetic Chocolate or any chocolate which has no sugar       4 large Eggs separated.       2 tbsp Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)       200 grams / 2 cups Almond ground (Diabetics should …

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Spinach Cutlet

This yummy snack is made with very few ingredients and tastes wonderful. You will need:  6 medium sized Potatoes, cleaned, boiled, peeled and mashed well 300 gm Spinach leaves 2 tablespoon of fresh Green Coriander, cleaned and freshly chopped 1 tablespoon of Red Chili flakes 1/2 teaspoon of roasted Cumin (Jeera) powder 1/4 teaspoon of Garam Masala powder Salt as …

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