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Creamy Pumpkin Pie Recipe for Diabetics

Majority of the people believe that the diabetics just are not recommended to eat sweets and are bound to survive with no desserts for the remaining life. But, it completely is a myth.  People who have diabetes can relish sugar, desserts, and just about any food that has caloric sweeteners. The diabetics can enjoy their favorite foods containing carbohydrates. They …

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Sweet Potatoes Or White| The Better Choice

Potatoes are considered as the 4th most consumed food crop all around the globe, after wheat, rice & corn! Notwithstanding its noticeable popularity, this starchy staple regularly gets a bad rap from dieters & over the past few years, sweet potatoes have been hyped as the potato’s healthier companion. Individuals often wonder if sweet potatoes have a leg up on …

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How can Ladyfinger help in Diabetes Regulation?

Okra, also called as “lady’s finger,” is a green flowering plant. It basically belongs to the same plant family as cotton & hibiscus. The word “okra” most frequently denotes to the edible seedpods of the plant. This vegetable has long been preferred as a food for the health-conscious people as it contains: vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, potassium and vitamin …

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The Overwhelming Existence of Diabetes in India

High blood sugar or diabetes is considered a common health problem among the Indians today. From considerable years, the cases of diabetes have grown significantly. The 5th edition of Diabetes Atlas, explains that India stands on the second place amongst the global countries with individuals suffering from high sugar levels. According to estimations, more than 5 million individuals in India are …

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Healthy Indian Winter Vegetable Recipes

A mixture of mouth-watering & meticulously planned techniques that put the excitement back into diabetic meal times is all that we look forward to! Beginning from breakfast to tempting snacks to the main course & sweets, this portion is certain to alter the delusion that diabetes & delicious food don’t go hand in hand! Hence, we also introduce you to …

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