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Menopause and Diabetes

The time that leads up to menopause is known as perimenopause or menopause transition.This comes with some signs apart from missed or irregular periods such as slow weight gain,sleepless night, sweat, mood swings or waking up uncomfortable. Another common occurrence along with perimenopause is difficulty in managing blood sugar levels.A common experience among women is a change in cholesterol levels …

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Diabetes: Does it help?

Type 2 diabetes is chronic but a preventable disease that affects how your body controls glucose in your blood. Medication, daily diet and exercise are collective treatments used to help control diabetes and as per recent studies something that has been getting the hype is  apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar in its raw,organic and unfiltered form is usually the …

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Preventing feet complications in diabetes

For diabetics, having too much glucose in their blood over a long period of time can cause some serious complications and one such complication is feet problems. There are two main types of this problem and each can have serious complications. 1.Diabetic Neuropathy: Over time, diabetes can damage nerves that makes it hard for people with diabetes to feel sensation …

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Dietary Tips that can help Diabetes Management In Kids

Children who are suffering from diabetes don’t require being on strict diets, but they do need to pay attention to when they eat and what’s in their meal. Why? This is because it assists them to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Therefore, proper meal planning for diabetic children is very essential. Your dietitian or doctor can assist you …

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Diabetes and Periods| What you should know

Approximately in a month-long cycle, a woman goes through hormonal fluctuations which then trigger ovulation and finally menstruation. The hormonal fluctuations can affect other body systems and functions as well as the reproductive system. Women living with diabetes many at times experience some unique menstrual challenges as a result of these complex hormonal interactions. 1. Controlling blood sugar may be …

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Can Diabetics include Eggs in their Diet?

Eggs are considered as tremendous source of potassium, which supports muscle & nerve health. Potassium assists in balancing sodium levels in the body, which further recovers the cardiovascular health. Eggs have several nutrients, such as choline & lutein. Lutein guards you against illness & choline helps in improving brain health. You might be familiar with the fact that egg yolks …

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