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Be Assured, Let Your Endocrinologist and Diabetes Educator Guide You.

India serves as a potluck of therapeutic remedies. We are a nation of various therapies and alternatives when it comes to disease management. It is by temperament to visit the medical practitioner only when all has failed. The community chemist’s over the counter tablets or aunt’s home remedies are the appreciated ‘on-the-go’ line of treatment in our country. This is sad!

This article does not intend to rebuke the marvels of alternative therapies be it naturopathy, ayurveda or clinical nutrition. All of these are great forms of science that work in cognition with allopathic and modern medicine.

BeatO team believes that experts are your best knowledge providers. An individual who invests time as well as resources studying a condition will update and inform you best on which therapy works for you.

Diabetes is a chronic condition, which can be genetic or lifestyle oriented. The medical expert who understands the level of insulin resistance in your body and which medications will work on you is an Endocrinologist. It is best to consult and consider the advice given by these doctors.

Similarly, diabetes educators are trained under a team of Endocrinologists and are best service providers on diabetes care and management. These are your support system along with the endocrinologist. As an individual with diabetes follow the instructions suggested by these two experts.

BeatO team educates, ‘not to be convinced by false claims of various anti-diabetic products available in the market’. Be smart!

An interesting article written by renowned endocrinologist Dr. Ambrish Mithal, highlights the malignancy of fraudulent advertising that can have adverse effect on patient’s health.

He has clearly ruled out the credibility of products like GlyxGo and BGR34 and IME9 as therapies for diabetes.  The true expert will always verify facts from published science journals, get authentic data before prescribing any therapy. So choose your experts wisely advices BeatO.

Again marketing claims that a certain oil brand or fruits are anti-diabetic in nature is false promotion. Oil cannot heal diabetes. The appropriate amount and kind of oil can decrease calorific value and improve antioxidant capacity in the body.  Similarly, fruits are a source of fructose and different fruits have different glycemic indexes. The diabetes educators may not restrict your fruit intake completely on a diet for diabetes but it has to planned and monitored to avoid high glucose levels.

BeatO has launched a range of edible ingredients that supplement diet therapy in diabetes. These are researched and approved by nutritionists before being advised. The range is holistic and has no hidden claims. The range of flours, vinegar, tonics and supplements assist the medication and diet therapy in improving the overall glycemic index of the individual with diabetes.

Inquire and learn from BeatO diabetes educators about all of these products and include them in your daily routine without hesitation as these are safe and expert acclaimed.

Content Support By Tina Khanna

Certified BeatO Diabetes Educator

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