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BeatO and OMRON Healthcare India tie up to foray into remote hypertension management

BeatO & OMRON Healthcare India Tie Up To Foray Into Remote Hypertension Management

It is a distressing fact that India is home to over 230 million people suffering from high blood pressure, and about 70 million coping with diabetes. While both conditions are known to be threatening, the significant overlap between diabetes and hypertension make situations worse for those managing both conditions and in worst cases, fatal.

With COVID restricting the visits to hospitals & clinics, an end-to-end preventive and personal remote healthcare management system is the need of the hour. When BeatO was started in 2015, the aim was to ensure every diabetic can lead a stress free & happy life without worrying about the consequences of the condition. Since the founders understood the agony a diabetic goes through in terms of sugar monitoring, diet, lifestyle changes, BeatO set out to set up a one-stop solution for anything and everything a diabetic would need.

Owing to the same thought, India’s leading digital care ecosystem for chronic disease management, BeatO has announced collaboration with OMRON Healthcare India – the market leader in digital BP monitor segment as a part of expanding its footprint in the remote management of lifestyle-related chronic conditions associated with hypertension.

Under this partnership, all BeatO users are entitled to the following features:

  • Connection of OMRON BP Monitors in the BeatO App ecosystem, thus allowing users to gain real-time advice on managing blood pressure
  • BeatO’s expert team of diabetes educators will provide real-time support on nutrition, lifestyle and medicine adherence for patients based on their blood pressure readings and trends

OMRON, popularly known as the most recommended brand by doctor’s is world’s No 1 BP monitoring device manufacturer. Having sold more than 200 million units globally, the brand offers advanced digital BP Monitors and ensures accuracy and ease in using the device.

With this announcement, BeatO has strengthened its commitment to helping people with chronic conditions manage their health better by supporting their needs today and into the future.

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