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Decoding Amla Benefits for Diabetes

Did you know Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is the only fruit that is mentioned in all of Ayurveda? This is because of the immense benefits that small fruit contains. Although Amla benefits are popular for treating hair damage, skin, respiratory problems, and others, recent studies have shown its benefits in diabetes management. In this article, learn everything about …

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Top 7 Warning Signs When You Should See A Diabetes Specialist

Top 7 warning signs when you should see a diabetes specialist

Sometimes, diabetes can develop without any warning signs. In fact, most of the people with Typ-2 diabetes don’t even know about their condition. Although having some of the symptoms of diabetes does not mean that you have the condition, it is always best to visit a diabetes specialist if you notice any of them. On Doctor’s Day, we tell you …

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Decoding Prediabetes: Symptoms, Risk Factors & Treatment

A warning is something that makes us aware of a possible danger. Similarly, prediabetes or borderline diabetes is a warning or wake-up call that you are on the path to Type-2 diabetes. This is why the term has “pre” meaning it is a pre-diagnosis of diabetes. In this article, we tell you everything you should know about prediabetes, including its …

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Understanding Diabetes Insipidus

Understanding diabetes insipidus

Have you heard of Diabetes Insipidus before? Does this ring the bell of diabetes in you? However, what you might not know is that diabetes insipidus is a condition entirely unrelated to sugar levels. In this article, learn everything about the condition, diabetes insipidus. What is Diabetes Insipidus? Diabetes Insipidus is a rare condition where the kidneys are unable to …

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