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Diabetes Care and Management

Green Tea for Diabetes: Top 5 Hidden Facts about Green Tea

Green Tea for Diabetes

Diabetes is a progressive condition which can affect your life adversely. Therefore, managing diabetes requires a holistic approach and leading a fit life by eating right, exercising, and making lifestyle changes. As much as exercising and lifestyle changes are needed to manage blood sugar levels, making the right food choice is essential and the most important factor for diabetes management. …

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Diabetic Seizures – What Are They? Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Diabetic Seizures - What Are They_ Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

A seizure can be quite serious and can be a scary experience for not just the person experiencing it but for the people around. While seizures are caused due to many reasons, one of the prime reasons for a seizure to occur is when people have epilepsy. Amongst the different types of seizures, diabetic seizures can sometimes turn into an …

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World Diabetes Day: Up Close & Personal with Everyday Diabetes Heroes

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, get up close & personal with four of the everyday Diabetes Heroes that are giving a tough fight to diabetes and are winning at life! All the lovely people mentioned above are a source of inspiration for the people who are suffering from diabetes. These everyday diabetes heroes have proved that it is …

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Family and Diabetes: 7 Ways to Support a Loved One Manage Diabetes

Family and Diabetes 7 Ways to Support a Loved One Manage Diabetes

The possibility of knowing someone living with diabetes is higher. The condition, which affects a significant number in the world is demanding and at times, needs support from peers and family. In fact, a helping hand at the right moment from loved ones can help to manage diabetes easily and make the journey easy by making them feel they’re not …

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7 Life Hacks for Making Daily Diabetes Management a Breeze

8 Life Hacks for Making Daily Diabetes-Management a Breeze

In our busy lives, managing diabetes can be an overwhelming feeling. The constant monitoring, the continuous care of not eating too much sugar or carbs, and the forever fear of the condition turning into something chronic. However, it is essential to understand that diabetes management is nothing but sticking to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, people who adhere to better …

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Effectiveness of a Plant-Based Diet for the Prevention of Diabetes (Type 2)

Prevention of Diabetes

Veganism is one of the most chosen lifestyles in recent times. In fact, the rise in people becoming vegans have tripled over time. One of the reasons for this spike is the health benefits of plant-based foods such as prevention of diabetes, lower risk of chronic diseases, and such. However, one of the common questions about vegan diabetic is to …

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Diabetic Patient Diet Chart for Managing Diabetes: Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid [INFOGRAPHIC]

Right Diet for Diabetics

One of the most important factors to overcome diabetes is choosing the right foods. Although no food is off-limit, it is always best to stick to the best foods for diabetics. The main goal of a diabetic while choosing food is to ensure the blood sugar levels after the meal does not spike out of control.  On World Food Day, …

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Diabetes and Depression: Diagnosis, Risk Factors & Treatment Options

Diabetes and Depression Diagnosis, Risk Factors & Treatment Options

According to studies, diabetes and depression have known to go hand in hand. People with diabetes are three times more likely to be depressed in comparison to people without diabetes. It is the most common psychiatric disorder seen in the diabetes community. Moreover, depression, along with diabetes, can have a serious impact on an individual’s health and motivation to manage …

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5 Factors That Have A Big Impact On Your Blood Glucose Reading

5 Factors That Have A Big Impact On Your Blood Glucose Reading

Having diabetes requires you to monitor your sugar levels regularly to avoid any complications. However, another important aspect of reading your diabetes reading is the accuracy of the blood glucose reading.  Here are five significant factors that affect the accuracy of the blood sugar readings:    Environmental Conditions  Although this is an external factor and is beyond your control, necessary …

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