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Diabetes Care and Management

The Social Stigma around Diabetes

Welcome to one of the less talked about complexities of diabetes. Despite the fact that 5% of the Indian population has diabetes, misinterpretations encompass the illness, making life harder for the individuals who live with it. If you’ve heard anything about diabetes, you’ve heard some stereotypes about the ailment and the population who have it. The individuals with diabetes have …

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Living Well with Diabetes

Diabetes is a long-lasting condition that has indeed reached epidemic extents among adults & children all around the globe. If you do not control diabetes then it may have numerous severe consequences, like kidney disease, blindness, heart disease and several complications. Therefore, it is very significant to keep a close check at the blood sugar levels. Individuals who think they …

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Diabetic Challenges during Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes is the commonly observed disease that appears during pregnancy. This kind of diabetes progresses in almost 4-5% of pregnancies. If left uncured, it can ultimately lead to numerous complications that can be dangerous both for the mother & child. An essential fact about gestational diabetes is that it is entirely treatable. In order to do so, you must …

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