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Diabetes Care and Management

Understanding the Link Between Fatty Liver Disease & Type 2 Diabetes

What is fatty liver disease? Fatty liver disease is a condition where fat builds up in your liver. This condition can lead to inflammation of cells, causing the liver to get bigger. There are 2 main types of this condition: Nonalcoholic – This is a condition where fat deposits are not caused due to alcohol consumption. Alcoholic also known as …

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Leg pain and Cramps in Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which develops as a result of a sedentary lifestyle besides other factors like family history, obesity, unhealthy eating habits, stress etc. Balancing blood sugar levels is the key to managing diabetes and to prevent related health complications. One of the most commonly occurring diabetes related complication is cramps and leg pain which can result in …

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Surprising Health Benefits of Probiotics for Diabetes

What is probiotic? Probiotics are good-live bacteria and yeasts that help keep the gut (digestive system) healthy. Probiotics can be found in food like yogurt and in supplements. Probiotics help in retaining the good bacteria in the body and keep our body working the way it should. Benefits of probiotics in diabetic diet The Food and Drug Administration treats probiotic …

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