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Diabetes Care and Management

Diabetes and Watermelon: Is It Safe to Eat?

With summers coming in, one fruit that should be thoroughly enjoyed is watermelon. Although, there’s a myth surrounding fruits that it is not harmful to eat plenty, it’s always important to check the nutritional information first. As we all know, diabetes is a condition which makes you monitor your sugar readings after every meal. Moreover, with watermelon containing high sugars …

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Early Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, is a condition of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is made up of glands that secrete hormones that travels through circulatory system (blood) and regulates metabolism, growth, sexual development and reproduction. Diabetes mellitus, type 2 diabetes consists of group of metabolic diseases characterized by chronic high blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia) resulting from defects in insulin secretion, …

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Treatment of Hypertension in Diabetes

Many people are aware that hypertension is related to blood pressure, but the term has now much more relation to diabetes. Hypertension is when the blood flows through the blood vessels with too much force.  This force leads to an increase in blood pressure which is often called hypertension. Moreover, hypertension diabetes can result in many complications including heart disease, …

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Glycemic Index | A key Factor in Diabetes Management

Previously, the amount of carbohydrate intake was considered to be directly related to the blood glucose response to different diets. Because of this, food that was included in the traditional diet plans was on the basis of the amount of carbohydrates. However, the concept of Glycemic Index (GI) has cleared that foods relative to glucose or white bread with similar …

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Diabetes and Your Period

Diabetes is a chronic condition which does not discriminate between genders. However, women have a different set of difficulties with regards to overseeing diabetes.  Every woman has a different cycle of menstruation ranging from 20 to 40 days or more. And in some cases, the cycle changes regularly. Unusually long or infrequent menstrual cycles might be connected to insulin resistance. …

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Diabetic Retinopathy Symptoms, Stages and Treatment

Although people diagnosed with Diabetes need to be extra cautious about their overall health and fitness, certain aspects are bound to be ignored given the numerous complications this illness brings along. While everyone is aware that blood sugar levels have to be regularly monitored in order to remain in control of your health, effects of Diabetes extend beyond that. Consistently …

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