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Diabetes Care and Management

Ways to Support a Family Member with Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes and then planning and following a diet and lifestyle regime on an everyday basis draws its inspiration from a well-established support from loving family members. This constant support and encouragement from family members acts as a magic potion for diabetics who are not only able to better adhere to their medications (without considering the medicines as …

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Glucose Levels V/S Insulin Levels: Everything You Need to Know

Human body is a combination of complex functioning of various organ systems working together to help us lead a healthy life. Glucose is an extremely important component of the body which is derived from sugar in the food we consume. Foods high in sugar like pasta, grains, cakes, starchy vegetables and pastry act as instant sugar sources which get absorbed …

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Can Hypoglycemia Cause Bad Behavior in Children?

Children need to be throwing tantrums time and again in order to ensure parents are well aware of their needs and wants. Such episodes of bad behavior, however, have started worrying parents about the well-being of their child. While dietary deficiencies tend to be responsible for this, fluctuating blood sugar levels have also been linked to mood swings and irritable …

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Surprising Side Effects of Energy Drinks on Blood Sugar Levels

With a fast paced lifestyle, being constantly high on energy is the need of the hour. With a variety of energy drinks available in the market, it is easy to fall for the trap and put your health at risk. Diabetics need to be extra cautious before they supplement their controlled diet with these drinks. Energy drinks claim to increase …

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What is Metabolic Syndrome? And Its Link with Diabetes

Diabetes management requires taking account of all lifestyle and diet factors along with other living conditions. A combination of conditions linked to type 2 diabetes and the associated heart problems, metabolic syndrome include high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high cholesterol and excess abdominal fat. Metabolic syndrome increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by five times as compared …

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Type 2 Diabetes in Seniors: Everything You Need to Know

Focusing on the management of diabetes in elderly individuals – aged 65 years or above – primarily requires correct diagnosing of the condition. Since elderly people are at an increased risk of developing other diabetes related complications like heart, liver, kidney and eye problems, it is necessary to carry out expert diagnosis of diabetes. What are the Symptoms of Diabetes …

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