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Dance with Diabetes

Exercise plays a vital role in managing your diabetes. But does the idea of hitting the gym or running exhaust you. Try dancing as a workout instead!Besides being a fun exercise, dancing has several physical, mental, and emotional benefits as well.

Cardiovascular Benefit:

Waltz your way to a healthy heart.Dancing helps make the heart stronger and doing it for about 20 minutes thrice a week can vastly improve your health.

Dancing regularly can therein reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Reduce Stress:

Regular dancing helps you emotionally. It also helps you become physically stronger.

As per experts people who dance as part of their workout show signs of less stress.

Memory Booster:

Dancing keeps you mentally sharp and sound.

Regular investing in this form can improve memory and prevent dementia– a complication that can arise out of diabetes. This is because memorizing steps and moves on a regular basis keeps your mind engaged.

Improved Endurance:

Like all other cardio exercises, dancing helps improve your physical endurance. The more frequently you dance, the better your stamina gets.

The Calorie Burner

Struggling to lose the extra weight? Dancing can help you!

Most dance styles burn the same number of calories as much as jogging. Depending on your style and intensity, you can easily burn up to 300-500 calories on an average with dance.

Better Balance:

Want to improve overall balance- dance is an excellent option for this as well. This is because the quick steps, turns and twists and hops have proven benefits in terms of balance. Just a quick advice is that for elderly it is important to monitor while they dance as they are more prone to slips or falls.

There are dozens dance types and if you don’t wish to follow a particular style, you can freestyle your way to good health as well. Just follow the one you love, so that you don’t get demotivated mid way.

If you are shy or scared to start, begin easy. Take smaller steps and if you have been wanting to do this all your life and need some motivation, get yourself registered for regular classes.

Zumba, salsa, hip hop whatever is your style, it is a great way to get your heart beating .

One thing to keep in mind with all this is that dancing is to keep you fit and maintain sugar levels. Keep a glucometer with you and regularly check blood sugar levels to see how your workout is affecting blood sugar levels.


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