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Acupuncture Technique for Diabetes: What Are the Benefits?

What is acupuncture therapy?

Acupuncture as a therapy can be traced back to almost 2500 years in China. It is a treatment form which involves inserting very thin needles through a person’s skin at specific beneficial points on the body. This therapy corrects the imbalance of flow in our body. According to chinese medicine, there are energy patterns in the body (chi) and a disruption to this causes imbalance.

Benefit of acupuncture therapy in diabetes management

Various studies conducted suggest that acupuncture is beneficial in diabetes management and control diabetes related complications.The technique of diabetes care via acupuncture differs for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Acupuncture helps;

  • Reduce Insulin Resistance: Insulin resistance is the leading factor that leads to diabetes type 2. Acupuncture helps control diabetes due to the down-regulation of cortisol – stress hormone that helps liver create glucose.
  • Heal Neuropathy: Since acupuncture works directly on the nerves, hence helps manage the pain associated with diabetes.
  • Lower Blood Sugar: Studies state acupuncture helps lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes.

Risk factors

  • There are general risks associated with this treatment- soreness and slight bleeding where needles are inserted is common.
  • You need to ensure the needles is removed after your treatment is over.
  • If pregnant or have issues like hepatitis it is not an advisable treatment option for you.

How to find a good acupuncturist

General acupuncturists are easier to find but finding one who knows about diabetes, herbal acupuncture may take some effort. You can find a lot of information online or on diabetes management app. You could check referral pages or simply ask a healthcare educator about the same. Almost all acupuncture treatments start with a consultation. Discuss your current health plan and medication with the certified acupuncturist before you start.

Do not stop your medication

Acupuncture is a complementary treatment and you should not stop your existing medical plan. Just make sure to let your doctor know about this before you start. Also keep exercise and you diabetic healthy diet in place. Self management remains the most important treatment for diabetes.

Invest in a glucometer
Management of diabetes can be difficult. Type 2 diabetes is the most commonly found and requires regular blood sugar test. Visiting the clinic each time can be difficult. Hence, investing in a glucometer supported with a diabetes management app can be helpful. It helps track and manage blood sugar levels any time anywhere.

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