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Diabetes Management: Tips to Take Care During Monsoon Season

Whether you enjoy it or absolutely recoil at the thought of stepping out in the mess, the monsoons are here again and it is raining healthy advice everywhere, especially for those dealing with diabetes. Monsoon calls for extra care for diabetics as part of their diabetes management as they not only have to avoid unhealthy food cravings but also manage their exercise regime which tends to get disturbed due to low energy levels and spoils your diabetes management regime.

Common Problems in Management of Diabetes in Monsoon

  • Monsoon brings along increased bacterial growth and risks of fungal infections. Since diabetics are prone to developing these infections faster than non-diabetics, they need to be extra cautious of maintaining hygiene.
  • Your feet are more susceptible to infections and hence must remain clean and always dry. No excuses there.
  • Don’t even think about eyeing those roadside snack joints or begging for pakoras at home. We understand the weather calls for it, but your blood sugar levels know better.
  • Enjoy the season but ensure you are not too excited to end up getting wet in the rain for your diabetes management plan. Get drenched may lead to viral fever or other health concerns.

Handy Tips to Enjoy Monsoon with Diabetes

  • In order to maintain a healthy diet in diabetes, it is best to have home-cooked food. Not only do you get to enjoy it fresh and with delicious flavours, you can also control the amount of carbs and fats that go into it. Ensure you eat light without temptation.
  • Despite being a comparatively cooler weather compared to the scorching summer heat, it is extremely critical to ensure you remain well hydrated. Drink enough water and boil the water if you want to avoid any risk of water-borne disease.
  • Care for your skin and ensure you are always protected from the harmful UV rains, even in monsoon both inside or outside home. Clean your skin at least twice a day to wash off any dirt, impurities, etc. that could lead to infections.
  • Care for your feet and ensure you keep your nails and skin hygienic. Take off wet socks and footwear immediately and dry the feet with a soft cotton cloth. Inability to care for your feet will lead to diabetic neuropathy and hence foot care in diabetes demand great attention.
  • Properly wash fruits and vegetables before cutting and cooking them. Monsoon invites numerous bacterial growth and one must be careful before these unhygienic conditions affect our health.

Enjoying monsoon is no uphill task with diabetes if one observes some simple tips and tricks to remain at ease and maintain hygiene. However, what is most essential is to keep regular check on your blood sugar levels and maintain record. Use the best glucometer to check your readings and store the data, along with reading useful tips and consulting with diabetes educator directly from your home or office. Buy glucometer online and check glucometer price to know the features too.

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