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Why is Vegetarian Diet Plan So Famous for Managing Gestational Diabetes?

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is the glucose intolerance with onset or first recognition of pregnancy. This condition usually fades away after the delivery of the child. But, if uncared for can affect your pregnancy and the baby’s health. In some cases this can even lead to Type 2 Diabetes in future.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms:

In most cases this type does not show any major signs or symptoms. In rare cases, an increase in thirst or urination may be observed.

Regular checkups and tests can help identify the symptoms and signs of gestational diabetes in and help the doctor recommend the suitable gestational diabetes diet plan.
But wider symptoms include,

  • Blurry vision
  • Weight loss
  • Frequent infection in the bladder


  • Expecting women can control gestational diabetes with a proper gestational diabetes diet.
  • For some women apart from a diet plan for diabetes they might need medication support as well.
  • Timely control and management of this with a diet for diabetes can help prevent any difficulty in your baby’s health.

Indian vegetarian meal plan for diabetics:

When expecting diabetic women are required to follow a gestational diabetes diet. Frequent meals and increased water consumption is considered helpful. The diet for diabetic patient should include 3 meals and roughly 2-3 snacks.

The diet for diabetes for pregnant women must contain high fibre, less sugar and more of whole grains like beans, fresh fruits & vegetables. Chocolates and candies though can be a craving but is to be avoided in food to control diabetes as they deliver a large amount of glucose and shoot up blood sugar levels.

The Indian vegetarian food for diabetics is gaining popularity in the recent times.

The Indian diet chart contain all Indian food recipes but also keeps in mind there is no use of garam masala.

What all the diet includes?

The Main Diet should comprise of;

  • Vegetables like Carrots, Spinach, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Brinjal, Green Chilli and Methi.
  • Any one fruit serving like Watermelon, Apple, Guava and pomegranate in moderation and Pineapple, Mangoes and Litchi sparingly.
  • A portion of cereal like bajra, khichdi, oats or wheat-flake.
  • And a portion of protein like meat, fish, eggs or pulses and legumes or nuts like almonds.

Apart from this you could have a small portion of dairy like plain yogurt and water.

In order to control diabetes better, it is important that you consume good values food items that are low in carb content and glycemic index.

Glucometer: Monitoring blood sugar and regular check-ups will become extremely essential even though you adhere to food to eat in diabetes. Therefore, it is important you invest in a glucometer, that will help you manage and monitor your blood sugar levels from time to time.

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