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Did You Know? Sitting for Longer Time Can Worsen Blood Sugar Levels

Amidst the hectic life in both personal and professional arenas, maintaining normal blood sugar levels is necessary. It is important to know that long hours of sitting can drastically affect your blood sugar levels – according to a study conducted on working professionals across the world. More and more sedentary time was also associated with increasing risk of diabetes and even death. Normal blood sugar levels must be adhered to at all times. The alarming fact is that these results held true for even those who exercise regularly. Enzyme changes occur in our muscles when we sit for long durations.

Risks of Sitting Too Much on Blood Sugar Levels

Sugar level in blood determines your health and well-being. Sitting for long periods of time affects your blood sugar levels and uses lesser energy and then leads to various health concerns like obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels. So much so that it leads to increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Sitting in front of a screen for long durations can be even more harmful.

Benefits of Taking Breaks for Normal Level of Blood Sugar

It helps to move around frequently in order to burn calories and also regain control of your fitness. Stand up every 30 minutes and also while talking on the phone and/or watching the television. The idea is to remain in motion as much as possible which will reduce the weight and increase the energy. Physical activity helps maintain muscle tone and your mental well-being.

Become More Active to Promote Normal Glucose Level in the Human Body

Amidst the hectic work schedule, finding time to exercise is the most difficult. The following simple tips will help you adapt to a more active lifestyle:

  • Set An Alarm
  • Get Face Time Instead of Emailing or Messaging
  • Drink from a Glass
  • Switch to a Standing Desk

What is the Sugar Level?

All these will help you keep your blood sugar levels under control. Monitor your levels using a glucometer regularly and you will never have to worry about management of diabetes. Blood sugar test is necessary to track your diabetes management regime. You can buy glucometer online or a normal best glucometer with all necessary supplies.

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