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Dummies Guide to Necessary Needle Pricks – Which Diabetes Tests to undertake?

Diabetes care includes various steps in order to ensure your blood sugar levels never go out of control. The first step is to be aware and undergo the recommended basic sugar tests on a regular basis in order to ensure you are always in charge of your health. These tests may start to seem repetitive after some time once you are diagnosed with diabetes but remember constant diabetes monitoring is the smartest and easiest way to prevent diabetes from secretly damaging your internal organs.

Getting blood work done plays the most vital role in the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes.

Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1c)
HbA1c gives us idea regarding the mean blood sugar in past three months and hence follows the treatment.

Kidney Function Test (KFT)
Kidney impairment is one of the long term problems of diabetes. Monitoring of kidney function parameters such as urea and creatinine, along with urine examination for albumin, sugar and ketones, are very important in diabetic care.

Lipid profile
Malfunction in the lipid profile are found in patient with diabetes. The lipid abnormalities increase the risk of heart disease in diabetes and hence should be frequently monitored.

Liver Function Test
Liver Function Test helps the doctor in ascertaining the choice of drug for the treatment of diabetes since liver abnormalities influence the drug choice.

Self Blood Sugar testing
A small drop saves you from a lot of trouble and hence it is required to perform the test and this can be easily obtained from the patient’s fingertip by using glucometer.

Urine testing
Urine testing is done to measure urine sugar, albumin (urine albumin is a vital indicator of early kidney disease) and acetone (urine ketones are signs of diabetic ketoacidosis).

Eye testing
Eye complication is very common in patient with diabetes. Hence a simple eye fundus test solves and shows everything. The complication if unobserved and untreated can direct to permanent loss of vision.

Diabetic people who have deformities of lipid, high blood pressure, pattern of smoking, a positive family history of heart disease and presence of urine albumin are at the threat of developing heart disease and therefore it is imperative to keep all in control and get an ECG monitored.
These blood works are essential for all diabetics and keep all diseases at bay and out of the way.

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