Sunday , 24 October 2021

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Diabetes Care Guide for Dussehra 2021


Dussehra brings us back to our favourite childhood memories. Ramleela, fireworks, delicacies and a joyful time with our family. But along with the festivities, Dussehra is a reminder of the power of good over evil. It is celebrated as a major Hindu festival in India with absolute grandeur. We honour the victory of good over evil by burning the effigy …

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The role of Diabetes Educators in managing your diabetic condition

Who is a Diabetes Educator? Diabetes educators are healthcare professionals who have an expertise in the field of diabetes. They have to pass an exam in order to become a certified diabetes educator.  The role of a diabetes educator is to help a person with diabetes to improve their condition and get their sugar levels within the controlled range. They …

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6 principles of Gandhi for diabetics

Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation, is an example to millions of people who wish to have a holistic approach towards life. The Gandhian thought has managed to conquer the minds of everyone alike. His principles will reach their true greatness only when people apply them to their lives and lead a happy and fulfilling life.  To reminisce and celebrate …

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