Monday , 25 October 2021

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How Diabetes Exercise and Diet Can Help You This Diwali

Indian festivals have an inseparable bond with variety of sweets and delicacies without which the celebrations never really seem complete. Garnered with delicious flavours and tempting aromas, the festive treats have the potential to tempt even those who claim to be strict diet or weight watchers. Such times especially become times of serious dilemma for diabetics – to indulge or …

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Make this Diwali Delicious with Sugar Free Diabetes Food

Preparations for Diwali begin months in advance in order to ensure your home sweet home looks at its best when the festival of light arrives in all its glory. But think about it, even before your home, isn’t your body the real place where you live? While all of us work day and night to deck up our homes, are …

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5 Ways to Enjoy this Diwali with Sumptuous Diabetes Food

While all Indian festivals are directly proportional to the mouth-watering temptations of our taste buds, it is the festival of lights which arrives with a bang, quite literally, throwing the immensely disciplined lifestyle followed by diabetics completely off-track. A festival to be welcomed and celebrated with open arms, Diwali begins playing with your taste buds months in advance, even if …

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