Monday , 25 October 2021

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What gives a BeatO user true happiness?

Happiness is contagious, so if you are happy, tell someone! If someone else is happy, listen to them! This is what Happiness Happens Day is all about.  Happiness is the one thing people want most out of life. If we aren’t actively looking for it, we are dreaming about it, talking about it, spreading it, or, hopefully, experiencing it. The …

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Healthy habits you can inculcate to #BeatTheStress

Nowadays, it’s normal to get overwhelmed every once in a while. Between juggling family, work, and other commitments, you can become stressed out. But it’s important to take time out to focus on both one’s mental & physical health. Although a healthy amount of stress is essential for us to stay inspired and motivated, too much can take a toll …

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Healthy Diet Plan to help you relieve stress

We all face stressful situations in our day to day lives, but how we handle it can make all the difference. There are many ways to manage or reduce our stress levels. One of them is the food choices that we make. Food can be one of your dearest friends or enemies. It can make your stress levels rise or …

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