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Essential Foot Care Tips During Winters

Every winter in India, around 10-15% of the diabetics end up in the hospital just because of the foot ulcer or foot infection. There are times when these foot problems cause amputation. This is the reason that makes the foot care an important part but in winters, it becomes extremely vital to keep your feet healthy. Here are some important foot care tips to bear in mind during winters:


  • Look over your Feet Daily


If you are a diabetic, it is essential that you inspect your feet every day. Observe closely all the pressure regions of your feet and also between your toes. Make sure there are no breaks in the skin, no discharge, etc. Consult your doctor if you find anything.


  • Keep your feet dry


The winter moisture can lead to severely damp feet in case of the diabetics. Moisture when stays for too long between your feet and socks gives rise to the bacteria. So, it is advised to dry them cautiously and completely. You must, rather change the wet socks as soon as possible.


  • Choose the right footwear


It is the winter cold and dampness along with the lowered circulation in your feet that makes you more susceptible to foot ulcer. To get away with this, choose your winter shoes and boots nicely so that these provide you the required warmth and padding. Don’t wear synthetic shoe or boot materials that catch the moisture and opt for the right socks.


  • Maintain your Blood Sugar


It is imperative to keep a close check on your diabetes. It forms an essential part of the diabetic foot care. You can use a glucometer to do test your blood sugar. As your feet take up most of your body weight, they are one of the primary places where unsatisfactory diabetes control is seen. Get in touch with your doctor to learn for effective ways to control your blood sugar. You must also keep a close check on the diet you take, keep yourself hydrated, exercise regularly and stay away from alcohol and smoking. This will keep you healthy throughout the winter season.


  • Moisturize your Feet Daily


The dry winter heat whether it comes from a fire, blower or a car heater can turn the dryness worse and cause cracks in your skin. So, it is advised to moisturize your feet on a daily basis. You can also ask your doctor for a good moisturizer recommendation for diabetics.


  • Clip your Toenails Regularly


Untrimmed toenails are a sure shot cause of infections and foot ulcers. These can also lead to amputation. You must be careful while trimming your toenails. If you yourself are going to clip them, immerse your feet in warm water to make the nails soft, and then cut them in a straight line.

If you are diabetic and are apprehensive about your feet and toes, experience pain in your feet or face any other foot problems, visit your doctor.


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  1. Ridley Fitzgerald

    You’ve got some great foot care tips for winter time for diabetics. Keeping your feet dry in the winter can be tough, but I’m sure it’s worth it. Having bacteria down there isn’t a good idea. I’ll make sure my son knows this, since he’s a diabetic.

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