Tuesday , 7 December 2021

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Traveling during Holidays – Things every Diabetic should keep in mind

Having to live with diabetes day in and day out soon becomes a lifestyle and this lifestyle disease overpowers one’s routine after some time. While most people let it define their happiness and become hopeless about living a normal life again, others make a proactive choice to take charge and lead a happier life WITH diabetes. Have you ever withheld …

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Christmas Gifting Ideas for Diabetics – 7 Gifts your Diabetic Friends or Family Members will Love

Come December and it is amazing how everyone start recalling each other’s likes and preferences in order to shortlist the ideal Christmas gifts for their friends and family members. Despite all the research, brain storming and of course the heart-warming, being decisive about Christmas gifts seems a far-fetched possibility. This dilemma becomes tougher to come out from if your friends …

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The 1 to 10 Guide for Balancing Your Blood Sugar

1. 45 minutes to ONE-hour walk is mandatory An important part of your diabetes care involves keeping yourself physically active and fit. If national diabetes association is to be believed, basic and short-term exercises for diabetes help cells in your muscles to take up more glucose in order to use it for energy and tissue repair, therefore lowering blood sugar …

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