Tuesday , 7 December 2021

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Healthy Cooking Techniques For Diabetics

The age-old debate on foods that control diabetes still continues, but with healthier choices and increasing awareness about the need to manage the diet of a diabetic patient, people are adopting natural ways. While you can’t always find all the suggested items to arrange a diabetic friendly meal, making simple changes in your existing cooking techniques will surely do the …

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9 Fruits Diabetics Can Enjoy Guilt Free

Although prescribed generously as ideal food for diabetics with fluctuating blood sugar levels by all healthcare experts, fruits are often viewed with skepticism by diabetics given their high sugar content. While a lot of things make it to the ideal diet for a diabetic patient, fruits remain the favourite choice given their high nutritional and fibre values. Here’s a list …

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Diabetes Myth Busters – A Mini Guide

Living with myths can be dangerous. It is about time we have a look at some of the most common myths associated with Diabetes. Myth 1: My sugar levels are under control, my diabetes has gone away, and hence I can stop my medication Diabetes can be controlled but you cannot wish it away. You shouldn’t alter your medication unless …

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