Monday , 25 October 2021

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Top South Indian food picks for Diabetics & Navratri Special Recipe

South Indian food options are often high in Glycemic Index, as most are have rice as their base. However, when eaten in controlled portions at a restaurant is not so hard to choose from for a Diabetes Patient. Here is our take on it. All food items in this South Indian menu guide are chosen on the basis of being: …

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Which are the best fruits for diabetics?

This is the commonest question that arises in the minds of diabetics as many of them believe that they can’t eat fruits as all fruits contain high sugar content. But there are lots of healthy fruits for diabetes patients with low GI value. What’s your GI? Some foods can make your blood sugar shoot up very fast. That’s because carbohydrates like refined …

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What is Glucose Tolerance Test?

The glucose tolerance test determines how your body breaks down sugar. Glucose tolerance tests are also used to diagnose diabetes. The OGTT is used to screen for, or diagnose diabetes in people with a fasting blood glucose level that is high, but is not high enough (above 125 mg/dL) to meet the diagnosis for diabetes. How Is The Test Performed? …

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