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Glucometer & Diabetes: Understanding the Functioning of Blood Glucose Meter

Living with diabetes demands constant monitoring of blood sugar levels and it is for this reason that glucometers have been in use to assess normal blood sugar level given the ease and convenience of its use and readings. Keep track of your blood sugar levels by using glucometer from the comfort of your home or office and enjoy a healthy life with diabetes.

How Does a Glucometer Really Work?

In order to understand the functioning of glucometer to measure blood sugar levels, let us understand the parts it involves and how they function to give us readings around the normal blood sugar level:

Blood Sampling: For monitoring glucose level, blood sample is obtained with help of lancet from the finger. Most of the electronic glucose monitors nowadays require one micro-litre of blood; therefore, same volume is derived for sampling.

Glucometer Test Strips Action: Test strip contains an enzyme for oxidation of glucose to gluconolactone. The oxidation reaction transfer electrons to another indicator compound, leading to creation of electrical current.

Besides reflecting sugar level in digital form as accurately as possible, new generation glucose monitors also have other capabilities such as wireless communication, memory and sophisticated data management software for tracking glucose concentration for more duration.

Important Factors for Using Glucometer

While using the glucometer, the following factors must be kept in mind in order to ensure your readings are not misread and misinterpreted.

  • The readings taken by glucometer are accurate but only to the extent of its monitoring capacity. The accuracy standard for all meters says that glucose meters must show results that are within 20% of a laboratory standard.
  • The test strips must be used carefully and not repeated after single use. These strips have blood sensitive patch which is prone to infections after single use. Glucometer strips online are available for ready purchase.
  • The lancet must be stored hygienically and the needle used for pricking must be disposed off after every use as it attracts infections if used repeatedly.

Benefits of Using Glucometers

  • Regular glucose monitoring is the most significant way of tracking your blood sugar control and maintaining a healthy balance.
  • Glucometer machine helps in convenient sugar level monitoring from the comfort of home, office or even while on the go.
  • Glucometer machine readings are stored in the device for referring at a later stage while consulting the doctor.
  • When it’s time to make important decisions about medication dosage, exercise, and diet, knowing your blood glucose levels will help you, your doctor, and the rest of your healthcare team.

Regular Blood Glucose Levels Monitoring using Best Glucometer

In order to live a healthy, happy and stress-free life with diabetes, it is important to undertake regular sugar test and assess the readings regularly and keep a record of the sugar level patterns. This helps in making necessary changes in the diet and lifestyle as prescribed by the doctor. You can simply buy best glucometer online after checking the price of glucometer.

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