Thursday , 29 July 2021

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BeatO Unbeatables : Vikas Puri: BeatO is like my 360 degree support. I lost 24 kgs in just four months.

“BeatO is like my 360 degree support. I significantly improved my sugar levels and lost 24 kgs in just four months.” Vikas Puri IT Professional Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Vikas is 54 years old and lives in Delhi with his wife, daughter and parents. He was diagnosed with pre diabetes in 2014. He realised that he needed to bring …

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How does stress affect your body?

What is stress? Most of us identify with stress as something that gives a feeling of physical or emotional tension to a person. Stress affects different people differently. It can make you feel nervous, frustrated, or even angry.  Stress is your body’s response to any challenging external factors. It is caused by the stress causing factor or stressor and can …

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BeatO Unbeatables: Prabhakar Mishra : Lost over 20 kg in just four months with BeatO

BeatO Unbeatables – Prabhakar Mishra  I went from 100 kg to 79 kg in just four months with BeatO 34 years old, works at HCL Technologies Pre Diabetic Runs his own youtube channel (Advik Lifestyle) This is the story of Prabhakar Mishra, who overcame pre diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure with exceptional grit and determination.  “I had a near …

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Post Covid Diet Plan

Covid has been challenging for everyone- both physically and mentally. It becomes imperative that you follow the right diet post recovery to keep your vitals in check. You require a balanced meal approach for your recovery post-covid. Here is a plan designed by in-house BeatO nutritionists and health coaches to help you heal and keep your sugar, blood pressure and …

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