Monday , 29 November 2021

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Six types of friends that we all have

“Things are never scary when you’ve got the right friends by your side.” Your friends are always there with you- through happy times, sad times and especially in all your crazy times. They add joy and meaning to your lives like no one else does.  We have all sorts of friends in our life. Some make you laugh, some guide …

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Music- The ultimate stress buster

When was the last time you actually enjoyed listening to music? You might not even remember the day when you had the time to sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy an almost cathartic experience with music.  Today’s fast-paced life provides us with very little or no time to do something we love. The stress involved in your daily life …

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BeatO Unbeatables : Vikas Puri: BeatO is like my 360 degree support. I lost 24 kgs in just four months.

“BeatO is like my 360 degree support. I significantly improved my sugar levels and lost 24 kgs in just four months.” Vikas Puri IT Professional Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Vikas is 54 years old and lives in Delhi with his wife, daughter and parents. He was diagnosed with pre diabetes in 2014. He realised that he needed to bring …

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How does stress affect your body?

What is stress? Most of us identify with stress as something that gives a feeling of physical or emotional tension to a person. Stress affects different people differently. It can make you feel nervous, frustrated, or even angry.  Stress is your body’s response to any challenging external factors. It is caused by the stress causing factor or stressor and can …

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