Monday , 12 April 2021

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How to Control Diabetes Naturally

How to Control Diabetes Naturally – 10 Remedies to Manage Your Blood Glucose Levels

Blood glucose monitoring helps you check and know your sugar levels anytime, anywhere. This is a crucial part of diabetes management as it prevents sudden complications and one can take preventive actions accordingly. How to Monitor and control Blood Glucose Levels? When you have diabetes, self-testing is an integral part of diabetes care. In this era of advancement, glucometers have …

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Doctor's Day with BeatO

National Doctor’s Day: How Telemedicine is the Future of Healthcare – BeatO

Healthcare during the perils of a pandemic continues to be the utmost priority. With more and more people focusing on their individual health, doctors are having a hard time catering to so many patients and have been finding it overwhelming. Although it is advised to stay indoors, medical attention has seen exponential growth in these last months. In order to …

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hypertension and diabetes

Decoding Diabetes & Hypertension – Symptoms, Risks and Essential Do’s & Don’ts

Understanding Diabetes & Hypertension Hypertension (high blood pressure) often affects people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Having these conditions together can make them both worse. Hypertension is also known as the “silent killer”. This is because it usually has no signs or symptoms and many people are not aware they have it. A blood pressure higher than 140/90 …

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Diabetes & Liver Health Tips to Protect Yourself from Liver Disease

Diabetes & Liver Health: Tips to Protect Yourself from Liver Disease

Did you know liver is the second-largest and one of the most complex organs in the body? From everything you consume i.e. eating or drinking, including medicines, passes through your liver. In fact, it is one of the most important organs of the body without which survival is not possible and can cause easy damage if you don’t take good …

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COVID-19 7 Useful Tips to Manage your Mental Health while Social Distancing

COVID-19: 7 Useful Tips to Manage your Mental Health while Social Distancing

Amid the economic and social disruptions, the COVID-19 has also confined people from all age groups to stay indoors and physically isolate themselves. Combine this with the extensive news of the pandemic; it is no surprise that mental health is on a downfall and anxiety is on the rise. Although we all know the need of self-isolation and have access …

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Diabetes & Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know!

Diabetes & Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know!

On the occasion of National Safe Motherhood Day, let us know in detail about – Gestational Diabetes, Risk Factors for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, it’s complications and Tips for a healthy pregnancy as a diabetic. Understanding Gestational Diabetes Pregnant women who have never had diabetes but experience high blood sugar levels during pregnancy are said to have gestational diabetes. High blood …

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Diabetes & Homeopathy Decoding Relation Between The Two

Diabetes & Homeopathy: Decoding Relation Between The Two

Diabetes is a condition which requires a change in lifestyle, including diet, exercise, sleep, and others. However, in certain cases, medications are the sole way of managing sugar levels. While the allopathic medical system is commonly adopted by people living with diabetes and suggested by doctors, homoeopathy is an alternative medical system which is gaining popularity in treating diabetes. On …

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Helpful yoga asanas for diabetes

Helpful Yoga Asanas For Diabetes

Amid the ongoing influenza pandemic, the forced confinement of people has adversely affected the lifestyle of individuals. Although the best way to stay safe during this epidemic for people with chronic medical conditions, especially diabetics, is by staying indoors, what are the essential ways to keep you fit and healthy and maintain sugar levels when staying at home? Being fit …

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