Tuesday , 7 December 2021

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Top Ten Big Do’s and Don’ts of Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes? Often women without any previous history of diabetes experience high blood sugar levels during pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester. This phase is clinically termed as Gestational Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Often triggered by fluctuating insulin responses, a possible explanation for the same remains how the lactogen in the human placenta intermingles and hinders the …

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Eating Your Way Out of Diabetes: Deciphering the Types and Small Diet Tips

Diabetes is one of the biggest health risks we expose ourselves to on an everyday basis. However, diabetes has less to do with the soaring blood sugar levels and more to do with making choices that keep the symptoms in control. From a diet rich in refined, processed foods to the sedentary lifestyle we are used to, everything seems to …

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How do I control diabetes through natural measures?

Diabetes is no longer a disease but an epidemic. India already has more than a 100+ million diabetics, and what’s worse is that a large chunk is undiagnosed. Despite varied researches and medical advancements, it is still difficult to predict who is going to become Diabetic. The innocuous nature of Diabetes tends to grow lethal if ignored. Doctors refer to Diabetes with the …

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Yoga for Diabetics: Seven Yogasanas for the Ailing Diabetic Soul

The WHO 2014 survey results on diabetes will stun you. Presently, there are over 422 million diabetics worldwide with 1.5 million deaths caused because of the same in the year 2012. Predictions have been made that by 2030; diabetes will occupy the seventh spot as the cause of death. With increasing obesity and unhealthy lifestyle choices, the gene expression patterns …

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