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How to Create a Healthy Eating Plan for Diabetes

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition associated with abnormally high sugar/glucose level in blood.
The insulin that is produced by pancreas is known to lower blood glucose. Insufficient production and use of insulin by the body leads to diabetes.

Diabetes is of two types: Type 1 & Type 2

Quick Fact: Type 1 diabetes is also called insulin dependent and Type 2 as non insulin dependent diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes
The most common symptoms of diabetes are;
➔ Weight loss
➔ Increased appetite
➔ Excessive thirst
➔ Increased urine output
➔ Slow healing of wounds

Diabetic food to follow:
A healthy diet plan for diabetes should include a good balance of carbs, proteins and healthy fat.

➢ Grains
➢ Green vegetables
➢ Fruits
➢ Milk and its alternative

The above mentioned are all good option to incorporate in your diet for diabetes.
Dietary do’s & don’ts

1. Make sure not to skip meals
2. Avoid eating heavy
3. Absolutely avoid excessively salty food
4. Do not add sugar to your food
5. Avoid consuming tempting food items like cakes, candies, soda, sweetened cereal, jelly or ice-cream.

Also make sure that you plan your weeks meal beforehand. Make sure to include the above mentioned variety of carbs, protein and healthy fat.

What if you are dining out?

1. Avoid ordering breads.
2. In case you find it difficult to pass the order waiting time, you can carry some nuts or seeds.
3. Do not end up dressing your salad or such meals with all types of sauces and seasonings
4. When ordering look into opting for steamed or boiled or baked food preparations.
5. Make sure you watch your portions. Do not overeat
6. Once you start feeling fuller, put your fork down
7. The best time to eat is before 8 pm.

Once you have had your dine out, go for a walk. Sitting immediately post meals is not advisable, this is an advice to be followed by both diabetics and non- diabetics.

Good and yummy combination of food to control diabetes:

A. Whole grain toast with avocados:
Toast means carbs, but you can opt for fibre rich whole grain breads. Layer it with some avocados as a paste or cut and turn ordinary toast into a yummy diabetic food item.

B. Chia seeds in a smoothie:
Add some chia seeds to your healthy smoothie to amp up that flavour.

C. Fibre rich apple with some nuts: 
Nuts are known to regulate sugar levels and an apple a day keeps the doctor away. You can munch on this healthy combination when you have that craving you just cannot resist.

D. White potatoes with vinegar: 
Potatoes are usually not found as a choice in diet for diabetes. But studies have suggested that consuming approximately 50 grams of boiled potato tossed in some vinaigrette is acceptable.

The diet plan for diabetes can be tricky and straining mentally. It is good to invest in a glucometer which can help monitor and identify sugar patterns.

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