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How to start a Low-Carb Diabetes Diet?

Diabetes is a chronic ailment and is affecting millions at the moment. Though chronic, certain diabetic food can help lower the symptoms and risks related to diabetes. One way of lowering sugar levels is to follow a low carb diabetic diet. Basically, if you have diabetes, your system cannot process carbs effectively.

The regular function is that when carbs are consumed, the body breaks it down into smaller units called glucose (sugar). When your sugar levels are high, the pancreas start producing insulin that allow these sugar levels to enter the cells. Having both high and low sugar levels can cause harm.

Low carb diet for diabetic patient: A low carbohydrate diabetic diet helps in the long term. Studies suggest, a carb restricted diet leads to improvement in sugar levels over the years. A low carb diet can be followed by people with any type of diabetes.

What are the benefits in this diet for diabetic patient?
– Improves weight loss
– Lowers risk of high sugar levels
– Lowers HbA1c levels
– Provides more energy throughout the day
– Reduces the risk of long term ailments

Ideal low carb range:
Moderate carbs: 130- 225 g
Low carb: lower than 130 g
Extremely low carb: under 30 g

How does low carb diabetic diet affect the body?

Carbs, proteins and fat help fuel the body. Carbs is broken down to glucose. Consuming carbs increases blood sugar levels depending on the amount consumed.

Carbs are of 2 kinds:
– Refined: Pasta, white rice, donuts, bagels, sweet bread , waffles, pancakes and all such tempting food items fall under refined carbs.
– Unrefined: Grains, fruits and vegetables and all good greens fall under the unrefined carbohydrate category.

By limiting the intake of carbs and keeping moderate amount of protein in diabetic food one can control blood sugar levels. Fibre that is found naturally in foods does not instantly breakdown into glucose and hence does not spike blood sugar levels.

Food to eat in diabetes: Low Carb
1. Eggs
2. Cheese
3. Avocados
4. Olives

Food to eat in lesser proportions:
1. Berries
2. Nuts
3. Dark Chocolate
4. Flax Seeds
5. Chia Seeds

One must try and replace refined carbs with whole grains and increase the dietary fibre intake. Intake of more fibre has proven to have several health benefits, and is of great benefit for those trying to lose weight in general.

Low carb diets are known to improve blood sugar levels, and in turn reduce the risk of diabetic complications.

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