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Insulin Myths Busted

If you are a diabetic you may be aware of the term insulin. But for those who are new to this term or are less aware- Insulin is a hormone secreted by the beta cells of our pancreas which allow the body to use sugar from carbohydrates present in the food that we eat for energy or to store for future use. Insulin helps keeps your blood sugar level from getting too high also called hyperglycemia or too low – known as hypoglycemia.

There are many theories and myths that have been circling around insulin and its use for a while. Today we will be decoding them and placing the facts.

Myth 1: Insulin Leads to  Weight Gain

Though true to some extent that insulin administered patients do gain weight, it is also an outcome of other factors.

Insulin helps the body to process food better but if you do not adjust your diet and eating habits accordingly, then it leads to rapid weight gain.

When you start insulin, it is advisable to get in touch with your dietitian immediately if not earlier and stick to your eating plan as advised.

Myth 2: Insulin Leads to  Blindness, Kidney Failure or Death

Complications like blindness, kidney failure or death are associated directly with diabetes as a condition and insulin use does not have any impact on it. In fact, if you start taking insulin early on then chances are these diseases can actually be prevented or delayed.

Myth 3: Insulin Injections Are Painful

Multiple insulin shots in a day are definitely not a comforting thought to any person. That said, the insulin needles are actually so thin that the pain is actually minimal.

Myth 4: Insulin can get  Addictive

Insulin is not a drug.Insulin is already present in people from birth. When you develop diabetes, is when your body reduces its production.Insulin therapy only helps make up for the lack of insulin in your body.

Myth 5: Using Insulin during pregnancy can harm the baby

The fact around this is that, insulin actually crosses the placenta in minimal amounts and therefore doesn’t harm the baby. In fact, it is not insulin but a consistently high blood glucose level which is more likely to complicate your pregnancy and affect the health of the child.

Myth 6: Insulin Is a Last Resort Treatment

A lot of people, diabetic alike, believe that insulin is only for people who have reached advanced stages of diabetes.

This is actually not true.Insulin is not initially prescribed and pushed for later as a lot of patients are reluctant to its use right away. The fact is taking insulin at early stages of diagnosis is okay rather than starting when it becomes absolutely necessary.

Now that insulin does not seem like an unfamiliar territory, go ahead and talk to your healthcare provider or diabetes educator whether you need to start your insulin therapy.

Also, prevention is better than cure, hence, keep a check on blood sugar levels on a regular basis using a glucometer so that diabetes can be in control.

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