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Make your Diabetic Partner Feel Extra Special on Valentine’s Day – Gifting Ideas

It is that time of the year again – when you and your loved one marvel at the bond you share and share sweets, chocolates and some adorable gifts to show you care. However, when you have diabetes, it is common to have reservations about celebrating a day which is so focused on sweets – chocolates, candies, delicious desserts and dishes etc.

But a particular health condition doesn’t have to take away the love you wish to express towards your partner. Let us give you a few tips and tricks to gift something for their diabetes care and diabetes management and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration with that special someone.

1. Flowers, Poems, and Cards
Express your love with something which doesn’t have to remind them of their health condition in the first place. A little humour in the card will seal the deal for you. Flowers don’t need an approval and with spring just round the corner, the sweet fragrance will make them happy. Complete your gift with a handwritten poem and your partner who has diabetes will be totally awed.

2. Latest Technology for Taking Readings – Smartphone Glucometer
And because you two have decided to be there for each other through thick and thin, gifting stuff to help simplify their life with diabetes shouldn’t be a problem either. Stylish diabetes accessories can include the latest technology for taking readings – a smartphone based glucometer. Your partner will love the ease of use it offers by simply connecting to the audio jack of their smartphone and maintaining a log of all their readings of normal sugar levels or any fluctuations in an Android app. Nothing is more important than to practice regular blood sugar monitor.

3. Gift Comfort, Protection and Hygiene of Feet
How about a pair of diabetic socks with a natural aloe-vera lining and hygiene protection for the feet of people with diabetes? Well, your diabetic partner will love them. Although a simple gift, it will ease a big concern of maintaining optimum feet hygiene to prevent diabetes related feet complications.

4. Have a Healthy Loving Snack Together
Your diabetic partner may be proactively aware about all the healthy food choices and plan their diabetic diet accordingly, but as they say – variety is the spice of life. This holds truer for diabetics as their food indulgence gets limited due to their health condition. Share a range of diabetes friendly snacks and food ingredients to help them enjoy every meal not just on Valentine’s but every day.

5. Inspirational Printables
What a better surprise than a motivational, heart-warming printable framed and displayed for your diabetic partner to remind them of how living with diabetes can be rewarding. It tends to get tough being constantly reminded of living with a health condition that silently affects you. Hence remind them of their strength to make them feel better always.

While the list may go on, these are the top five picks for diabetes care and diabetes management which will do the talking for your love this Valentine’s Day and make your diabetic partner feel cared for and motivated to stay healthy and joyous. Leave a comment below to share how your special day went by and what appealed to your diabetic partner.

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