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Music- The ultimate stress buster

When was the last time you actually enjoyed listening to music?

You might not even remember the day when you had the time to sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy an almost cathartic experience with music. 

Today’s fast-paced life provides us with very little or no time to do something we love. The stress involved in your daily life can take a toll on you, but learning coping mechanisms can help you manage your stress levels.
If you feel anxious, your nervous system releases stress hormones like adrenaline. Listening to therapeutic music can switch off the stress response to and help your mind in recovering from stress faster than it would without music.

Moreover, therapy music offers you a creative and accessible way of expressing your feelings and processing your experiences as well. Therapeutic music also has numerous other benefits, such as providing a creative outlet, expanding cultural awareness, and improving cognitive skills.
Listening to music contributes to your physiological well-being like lowering blood pressure, and slowing the pulse and heart rate. Therapy music, in a nutshell, can act as a powerful stress management tool in our lives.

So put on your headphones during the following parts of your day and get grooving- 

1) Start your day on a cheerful note

 You can start your morning by choosing a happy, cheerful or soulful genre of music to set the tone for the day. It is you who decides what works as therapy music for you.
If your day ahead includes a presentation, classical or instrumental music can help in keeping you calm and focused. Moreover, if your day requires extra energy, try something that’s upbeat and that will make you feel confident and energetic and you’ll be ready to take on the known stressors.

 2) Add a soundtrack to your memories while you travel

You would want to play nice music while travelling. Similarly, you can’t do much about the traffic you face while commuting to work every morning. It makes you feel irritated and anxious.
Put an end to your stress by playing your favourite music. It can make you feel less like you’re wasting your time in traffic and more like you’re having some good time. It can also take your mind off things and focus more on the things that need to get done once you reach your workplace. You will feel more confident to take on those tasks.

 3) Chores can be fun too

You might be delighted to come back to a clean house, but finding the energy to do what it takes to achieve that outcome can feel like an added task on the seemingly endless list of tasks.
Therapeutic music can be a great motivator and can even help make the most mundane tasks seem fun. If you’ve never had an impromptu dance session to your favourite music while vacuuming, give it a try and see how the work is done before you even realise it. 

4) Cook your worries away

  So many people find themselves drained of energy and are in no mood to cook once they get back home from a long day of work. But, if you put on some smooth jazz music or any other music of your choice, cooking becomes a fun activity rather than a chore.
It can also help while you are eating. Therapeutic music can trigger the relaxation response, which makes it easier to digest food. Studies have shown that therapy music can help you digest better and enjoy your food more. 

5) Say Hello to a good night’s sleep

Studies have proven that during sleep, stress hormones decrease and your brain prepares itself for the next day’s social and emotional functioning.
Soothing music and tunes can help relax your mind. Some people opt for relaxing music therapy. For instance, they turn on white noise machines, which produce natural sounds such as wind blowing through trees or rushing waterfalls, to help them fall into a deep slumber.

Research has shown that casual music making can reduce your stress response and can prevent it from becoming chronic. We all experience stress often, which takes a toll on both our physical and mental well-being. So, having a list of therapeutic music for stress and anxiety in hand is essential in order to restore our inner peace and health.

Spend your weekend with this serene and soothing Spotify playlist specially curated for you by team BeatO.


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