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New Year Resolutions every Diabetic Should Take – Diabetes Management Tips

Years come and pass by, the calendar changes every time and so does your health resolutions for the upcoming year. But if you observe closely, some of us end up making the same resolutions for a better health almost every year simply because we end up forgetting them only three months into the New Year.
While working towards leading a healthy life requires consistent efforts in a way they become your lifestyle over an extended period of time, giving up seems as an easy escape since results are not evident immediately.

It is particularly important to observe some simple steps to lead a healthy life with Diabetes. Change is necessary to making life improvements. There is a quote reinforcing this mantra – “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten”

1. Quit Smoking
This is the single most important change you need to make right away. There is absolutely no second thought about this. Harmful effects of smoking get multiplied in a diabetic condition. It is even suggested that smoking can also lead to diabetes in some cases. There are many ways to quit smoking, including nicotine gum and patches as well as hypnosis and even prescription medication.

2. Have Fun Exercising
While everyone wants to religiously fulfill this dream resolution every year, it is significant for diabetics to focus on this one and not just plan but put into action their regime of exercise for diabetes without fail. This not only reduces risks of cardio-vascular diseases in the long run but also helps in managing diabetes and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

3. Ditch the Processed Food
More than half of your targets of achieving normal sugar level readings would be sorted when you pay attention to food for diabetes and measure the carbs and calories along with vitamins and minerals you intake.
Very processed foods, such as fast food, processed meats and high-sugar breakfast cereals tend to include highly refined carbohydrate, added glucose, sugar and salt.

4. Maintain Hygiene with Diabetes Supplies
For this you need to be constantly vigilant not only at the time of storing the supplies and the glucometer but particularly at the time of taking readings. Never ever use the same lancet twice as the needle once used for pricking the finger is layered with blood capillaries and directly prone to bacterial infections.
Repeatedly using a lancet will make it blunt, and more painful to use, so change your needles and lancets once daily at the minimum to avoid bruising and unnecessary pain.

5. Look After your Feet
While foot care remains a major concern among all diabetics given the sensitivity of the skin and the degree of hygiene maintained, the good news is all of the feet related complications can be prevented simply by proactively managing it. Due to the potential for poor circulation leading to foot problems, good habits are important to follow regarding foot care. Ensure you have diabetes friendly socks with special aloe-vera lining along with comfortable shoes or any kind of footwear for proper air-circulation.

6. Monitor your Blood Pressure and Medication
Remember not to ignore your blood pressure in a bid to monitor and maintain blood glucose levels. High blood pressure can be dangerous by itself, and if you have diabetes high blood pressure can cause significant heart related complications if not controlled. If you are already taking medicines for high blood pressure, ensure you strictly adhere to them. Equally important is adhering diligently to your diabetes related medication.

7. Set Realistic Targets
Setting lofty targets which may seem desirable to achieve but too big to be achieved in the short run can disappoint and demotivate you easily when not completed. Instead, set more realistic and short term targets which can give evident results upon achieving them and thus motivate you to continue your diabetes management.

Before you know it, these short term targets will make you self-sufficient in the long run and keep your blood sugar within healthy range.

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