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Parent or Guardian to a Diabetic

Diabetes is a common disease that affects several individuals across the globe.

Prolonged uncontrolled diabetes is a chief cause of death & disability because of the damage it triggers to various tissues and organ systems all over the body. This prolonged disease can even cause blood vessel disease that can further lead to various heart disease or stroke. It can also have harmful effect on eyes and immune system.

Since it is very common & harmful, several individuals wonder about are the major causes of diabetes. Though there is no clear-cut cause that triggers this prolonged disease but some factors are able to increase one’s chances of getting diabetes & these may be called risk factors.

First & foremost is obesity. It is seen that approximately 3 quarters of Type II diabetes patients are obese. Thus, obesity is considered as a major cause of this prolonged disease.

Another reason is family history.

Well, if your parents are suffering from diabetes then it increases yours chance of getting this disease too. In fact, some people also say that insufficient & irregular exercise may increase your chances of becoming diabetic. Hence, it is very important to work out regularly.


Being a parent or a guardian of a diabetic patient is not that easy as you have to keep a check on them regularly, like what they are eating, how frequently they are eating, what they must not include in their diet, are they cutting on sugars etc. You must make sure your loved ones who are suffering from diabetes cut down on their alcohol intake. Since, alcohol is considered as an addictive drug and consuming more than 2 units per day can definitely have an adverse affect on your body.

Similarly, a diabetic patient should also avoid cigarettes. Preventing smoking will certainly reduce the probabilities of numerous other ailments other than diabetes.

A diabetic patient’s parent should make sure that their children work out regularly as it is very important for them to maintain appropriate body weight. It has been estimated that it’s the sedentary lifestyle that makes diabetes is more common among individuals. So, you are advised to go for a brisk walk of 40-50 minutes daily or 4-5 days a week as it is beneficial for them.

Other than these things the parent or guardian must also reduce the salt intake in the diabetic’s diet.

Eating vegetables, fruits, fish & poultry (without the skin is better) regularly is helpful for diabetic patients. Garlic is known to lower the cholesterol levels in the body so adding it to your daily food helps.

Do not forget to cut-down fatty food junks that might increase your body weight. Last but not the least make sure you get the regular blood sugar level tests (using a glucometer) done for healthy and fit body.

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