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Significance of a Diabetes Educator & Why You Should See One

Significance of a Diabetes Educator & Why You Should See One

Every year, Teachers’ Day is celebrated to mark the role and importance of teachers’ in life and society. Although this day generally is celebrated for teachers in schools, a teacher can be anyone who helps in acquiring knowledge, competence and virtue.

 Hence, on this Teachers’ Day, we tell you all about the teacher or the educator you must have in your life to ease your diabetes journey.

Who is a Diabetes Educator?

Diabetes educator

In simple terms, a diabetes educator is a teacher who guides you to maintain a lifestyle that helps in diabetes self-management. A diabetes educator is someone who is specialized in the field of diabetes. From helping you make simple lifestyle changes to control your blood sugar levels to remind you to monitor levels basis your blood sugar, a diabetes educator will assist you in taking a stride in all day-to-day activities. 

 Please note a doctor and diabetes educator are different. A doctor will help you to control diabetes by providing you with the relevant medication. However, a diabetes educator helps you to manage your sugar levels. Therefore, for immediate assistance, it is always recommended to visit a doctor, and if you are looking for a long-term solution, then you must consult a diabetes educator.

 Another point to be noted is that it is completely acceptable to consult a diabetes educator and a doctor simultaneously. Just because you are taking consultation from a doctor does not mean you cannot take advice from a diabetes educator. An educator will advise and guide you to make the right choices for a healthy and fit life.

Why should you see a Certified Diabetes Educator?

Someone with diabetes can understand the struggles faced on day-to-day life. From making the right food choices to understanding the importance of regular monitoring of sugar levels, we understand it’s an exhaustive process. However, what if there is someone who can guide you to make the right choices? Well, that is what a diabetes educator would do!

 Here are a few reasons why you should see a certified diabetes educator for diabetes self-management:

●     Guides you in improving your A1c levels

A1c levels - Diabetes Educator

Your A1c levels are a measure of your average blood sugar levels for the past two or three months. It not only helps you understanding how well you are managing your diabetes but also assess the possibility of preventing diabetes altogether.

●     Helps in preventing diabetes complications

Since a diabetes educator helps in eating healthier and stay fitter, the chances of you facing diabetes complications are lesser. The role of a diabetes educator is to help you in making lifestyle changes that will have a long-term effect on your sugar levels. Eventually, you become capable of diabetes self-management and can take care of your health.

●     Motivates you to improve your sugar levels

Motivate you to improve your sugar levels - Diabetes Educator

It can sometimes be quite disappointing to manage sugar levels. The constant monitoring and portion checking can, at times feel frustrating. This is where educators make diabetes management an interactive process by motivating you to improve sugar readings. Moreover, making specific dietary changes according to your food likes can also help in keeping the motivation levels high. Please note a diabetes educator does not make you yearn for your favourite foods. Instead, he/she will help in incorporating the same in your diabetic diet in such a manner that will less affect your sugar levels.

●     Assists you in managing stress

Stress is the body’s response to perceived danger, real or imagined. The body is designed to shoot up your hormones and sugar levels during stress. What is worse than being stressful is the way you react to stress. At such times, talking to someone who has excelled in the field can be a stress-reliever. Diabetes education can help in overcoming the overwhelming and anxious feeling of high sugar readings. 

●     Helps in managing your medications

Manage your medications - Diabetes Educator

As mentioned above, it is advisable to consult a doctor if your sugar levels are high. The medicines provided by the doctor will help in controlling the blood sugar. However, this is not the ideal way to deal with diabetes. Apart from some instances such as old age or sugar levels that can be life-threatening, medication is not the ideal way to manage diabetes.

A diabetes educator helps you in making changes to your day-to-day activities that will help you in managing diabetes in the long run. Adopting this way will help in reducing the dependency on medicines altogether and even bring your sugar levels to the normal range.

When should you see a diabetes educator?

It is always advisable to take frequent consultations of a diabetes educator, especially when you are in the process of diabetes self-management. However, here are a few times where you must take the advice of a diabetes educator:

  • Post diagnosis

For someone who is recently diagnosed with diabetes, an educator can help in providing the basic knowledge to manage their sugar levels. 

  • Every year

The needs of managing diabetes change over time. Moreover, something that works for you now might not work at a later stage of life. Hence, it is advisable to learn and understand the changes happening to you and take consultation accordingly. 

  • After major changes

Any significant change in your life can fluctuate your sugar levels. This could be as simple as a breakup or job loss to changes in physical and mental state. During such times, an educator can make changes to your diabetes accordingly and help you in diabetes self-management.

It is often recommended to take advise of an educator when you are through transitions of medical care. From changing doctors to dosages, a diabetes educator can ease the process by helping you adjust to the new change.

 Diabetes may be a progressive condition with no cure. However, one can manage it and live well with proper guidance. Let your diabetes educator instruct you in managing diabetes not to let the condition manage you.

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