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Simple Tips to Count Carbs Accurately

Carbohydrates are vital meals because they provide our bodies with the essential energy to fuel us. The body gets its major chunk of energy from carbs. This is due to the fact that carbohydrates are broken down in the body to offer glucose, which is further used for the production of energy or transformed into fat and stored beneath the skin. Learning tricks about carbohydrate consumption can help us lose fat through counting carbs while keeping the bodies well fueled. You will be surprised to know that there are good & bad carbs. You basically need to follow these steps for success in counting.

Before we go ahead, it is very significant that each meal you have you need to calculate its total grams of carbs. For instance, you had a meal that includes 40 grams of carbohydrates. Another vital step is to keep in mind what all foods contain carbs along with their glycemic index value. For instance, bread has an index of around 70. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep a close check at it. Then come down to how many grams of carbs you had in one meal. For instance, if an individual had two slices of bread then it would be 26 grams of carbs.

Once a person familiars himself with these things, it is then that he needs to take the grams of discrete carbohydrate group & divide the total the carbs index of their meal. Lots of specialists also termed this calculation as the average percentage of a carbs group. For instance, 26 divided by 60 will give you roughly get 43 which is thus, considered low. Hereafter, this is how carbohydrates are calculated.

If a person wants to calculate the index of a whole mealtime, then he/she must follow the above procedure for all the carbs groups. The method would be the number of carbs equaling the complete carbs meal that is then multiplied by the glycemic index of carbs. The value then in turn gets added to the other carbs value and therefore, it is then that you will get the comprehensive meal glycemic total index.

Though a carb counting diet is a way of controlling blood glucose levels in the body it is not a whole diet. It is advised that carbs make up only 50-60% of calories taken in each day whereas the rest is proteins & fats. Carbohydrates do not always account for vital minerals or nutrients. When utilizing the carbs counting diabetic diet to control the blood glucose certifies that it fits in with a diet that comprises of minerals, fiber & vitamins. Also, it is required to monitor your sugar levels using a glucometer.

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