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Summer socks for diabetic people :How It Helps

If you are a diabetic person, you already have a defined diet chart, medications and loads of health advice. Diabetes is not the end of the world! You still not need to stop living or enjoying good fashion.

How do you deal with this?

If you have a diabetic condition it is a possible risk that you might lose sensation in your feet, or get an injury which you would discover at a later stage.

Anything from a small pebble, or rubbing of the sole can cause infection and ulcers. If you don’t check your feet often it is likely that these injuries can worsen, even leading to amputation as the last remedy.

Foot care for diabetics means constant check of the feet for injuries or blisters. It also implies wearing footwear that helps prevent these injuries. This can get irritating and especially so during those blaring summer months when irritability is at its peak.

You may anyway be wanting to keep clothing minimal and wearing a socks in summers sounds like a lot more heat and sweat.

Wearing socks helps!

There are specially designed diabetic socks that not only provide circulation but also have a good fit.

The diabetic socks help people suffering from a foot problem and even reduces the risk factors caused due to neuropathy.

Features of the diabetic socks:

1. They are seamless: Regular socks with seams tend to rub against the skin and cause blisters or ulcers.  Diabetic socks on the other hand are seamless and ideal for foot related issues.

2. Non constricting: The diabetic socks are non constricting and therefore help in the circulation which might be a concern for people suffering from circulatory issues.

3. Antimicrobial : Diabetic socks prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus in areas of the feet that are prone to moisture accumulation.  

4. Moisture management: These socks retain the exact moisture required maintaining feet skin elasticity.

Even though the socks are designed for diabetic patients, they can be worn by any person suffering from feet related issues.

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