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Sweat Is Not Good For Diabetic People

People sweat from the feet too. It is normal. But excessive sweating of the feet is a common concern for many diabetic persons.

But why do feet sweat?

  • Blood Glucose Fluctuations:

When blood glucose drops at a high rate, it triggers a response from the body. The fluctuation can lead to sweating and anxiety.  

  • Hyperthyroid:

The gland located in the neck sends signals to the brains when there is increase or decrease in the metabolic rate. When these glands go on overdrive it is called hyperthyroidism. More hormones than normal are secreted causing sweating. This sweating can also cause tension in the system and lead to sweating of the feet.

  • Heat

Outdoor heat in general causes excessive sweating. But for diabetic people it is higher a concern as feet tend to sweat more due to sunburn.

These issues can lead to further complications like:

  1. Athlete’s foot: This is a type of foot fungus.
  2. Excessive moisture in the feet can cause cuts and wounds.

How to prevent this?

It is better to opt for anti-fungal socks. Anti-fungal socks keep the feet dry, it absorbs sweat while retaining natural moisture. The antifungal socks protects feet from bacteria, fungus and other viruses and stimulates the production of fresh skin cells. This helps the skin of the feet to stay more elastic.

The soft and breathable material of these socks make it suitable and safe for people suffering from diabetes.

Though it is essential to invest in these antifungal socks, it is also important to keep in mind that these socks will only help minimise the occurrence of infections and foot disease but cannot completely eliminate it.


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