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Sweet Potatoes Or White| The Better Choice

Potatoes are considered as the 4th most consumed food crop all around the globe, after wheat, rice & corn!

Notwithstanding its noticeable popularity, this starchy staple regularly gets a bad rap from dieters & over the past few years, sweet potatoes have been hyped as the potato’s healthier companion. Individuals often wonder if sweet potatoes have a leg up on white potatoes.

You would be surprised to know that both the vegetables hold several minerals & vitamins for a healthy body. But which one has an edge over the other in terms of nutrition? In this article, we will further compare the nutrition in both the potatoes and further help you to understand which one is better: a sweet potato or a white potato?

Sweet & white both potatoes are considered as a healthy carbohydrate source. And both of the potatoes contain same amount of carbohydrates (For instance half cup will include 15 grams of carbs). Sweet potatoes are considered to have more fiber and are lower on the glycemic index than the white potatoes. For this reason, blood sugar level can decrease progressively with sweet potatoes as compared to the white potatoes. Well, if you are diabetic, remember the significance of portion size & distribution of carbohydrate-rich foods during the day.

Sweet potatoes are also loaded with antioxidants. They are rich in vitamin C, pro-vitamin E, beta-carotene, sporamins & anthocyanins.  Research suggests that eating antioxidant-rich foods could reduce the risk of developing definite chronic conditions, like cancer & heart diseases. Anthocyanins have been shown to lower the weight gain from high-fat diets in pre-clinical researches in animals, and sporamins might have anti-carcinogenic properties.

White potatoes also have a higher glycemic index than sweet potatoes. The glycemic index is generally measured in terms of how quickly blood sugar levels increase after eating.  Meals that have a high glycemic index cause a quick spike in blood glucose level and thus overload the pancreas. As a consequence, individuals don’t experience the same roller coaster of sugar lows & highs, which can lead to hunger and the utilization of added calories.  In other words, meals with lower glycemic indexes, like brown rice & sweet potatoes, make you feel full longer.

Last but not least, both sweet and white potatoes are good for you. Although, if you are suffering from diabetes then it is always recommended to opt for sweet potato than the white ones since it is has more benefits as compared to the white potato. Also, you are advised to closely pay attention to your sugar levels using a glucometer.

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