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BeatO Unbeatables : Vikas Puri: BeatO is like my 360 degree support. I lost 24 kgs in just four months.

“BeatO is like my 360 degree support. I significantly improved my sugar levels and lost 24 kgs in just four months.” Vikas Puri IT Professional Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Vikas is 54 years old and lives in Delhi with his wife, daughter and parents. He was diagnosed with pre diabetes in 2014. He realised that he needed to bring …

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BeatO Unbeatables: T. Rithika : BeatO’s Diabetes Control program. A blessing for my pregnancy.

BeatO Unbeatables: T. Rithika : The CGM device was a blessing for my pregnancy. We could finally breathe.

Unbeatable Mrs. T. Rithika
 31 y.o., real-estate manager Juvenile TYPE 1 Diabetes Leading a beautiful life despite the odds. Rithika was 9 years old when her juvenile diabetes was diagnosed – a big shocker for the family. “It was summer holidays, and I was at my grandparent’s place in Hyderabad. There were mangos all around. And I ate a lot …

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