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Top 8 High Blood Sugar Signs That Your Body is Trying to Tell You

8 High Blood Sugar Signs That Your Body is Trying to Tell You

Understanding blood sugar levels is the key to diabetes management or prevention. It is important to know how the body reacts when the sugar present in the bloodstream is high or low. However, this can be only identified with the help of the common signs and symptoms of the specific condition. In this article, we tell you everything about high …

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Diabetes and Hearing Loss: Causes, Treatment & Prevention Options

Diabetes and Hearing Loss_ Causes, Treatment & Prevention Options

While people with diabetes are aware of the complications associated with the condition including nerve damage, eye problems, and heart diseases, recent studies have shown an unusual relationship between diabetes and hearing loss. The study indicated that people with diabetes are twice as prone to hearing loss than people living without diabetes. On World Hearing Day, let us examine the …

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The 5 Best Rainy Season Fruits to Control Your Blood Glucose Levels

There are certain fruits exclusively available during a particular season. Since fruits are an important addition to the diabetic diet, it is essential to enjoy the seasonal fruits and reap the benefits of them as and when they come. Having said that, here are the five best rainy season fruits that can help you control your blood glucose levels. ● Cherries …

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Top 7 Warning Signs When You Should See A Diabetes Specialist

Top 7 warning signs when you should see a diabetes specialist

Sometimes, diabetes can develop without any warning signs. In fact, most of the people with Typ-2 diabetes don’t even know about their condition. Although having some of the symptoms of diabetes does not mean that you have the condition, it is always best to visit a diabetes specialist if you notice any of them. On Doctor’s Day, we tell you …

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