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What is Brittle Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Understanding Brittle Diabetes and Normal Glucose Levels in the Human Body Referred to the tough to control type 1 diabetes, brittle diabetes involves frequent, extreme swings in blood glucose levels, causing hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Also known as labile diabetes, the blood glucose levels often swing from very low to very high. This type of diabetes is not considered to be …

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Can Hypoglycemia Cause Bad Behavior in Children?

Children need to be throwing tantrums time and again in order to ensure parents are well aware of their needs and wants. Such episodes of bad behavior, however, have started worrying parents about the well-being of their child. While dietary deficiencies tend to be responsible for this, fluctuating blood sugar levels have also been linked to mood swings and irritable …

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Hypoglycemia: What You Should Know?

What is hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia occurs when the level of glucose(sugar)  present in the blood falls below normal i.e, Below 4 mmol/L (72mg/dL) Being aware of the early signs of hypoglycemia can help allow better treatment of low blood glucose levels. Awareness is also essential among family and friends so that they can recognise the symptoms sooner. Symptoms of hypoglycemia: The …

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All You Need to Know About Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is a condition where in the body is unable to get enough glucose supply for proper cell functioning. In such a condition, the body responds with certain warning signs or symptoms of diabetes which may be different for every individual and include: • Weakness • Shakiness • Sweating • Irritability or confusion • Hunger • …

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Make your Driving easy with Diabetes

Driving in India can be a great learning experience, especially for amateurs who get to challenge their driving skills every time they hit the Indian roads. While Indian roads surely serve as the most difficult to drive on, moreover due to increasing volume of traffic, it becomes especially difficult for people with diabetes. Observing precautions while on Indian roads is …

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