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The 1 to 10 Guide for Balancing Your Blood Sugar

1. 45 minutes to ONE-hour walk is mandatory An important part of your diabetes care involves keeping yourself physically active and fit. If national diabetes association is to be believed, basic and short-term exercises for diabetes help cells in your muscles to take up more glucose in order to use it for energy and tissue repair, therefore lowering blood sugar …

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Dummies Guide to Necessary Needle Pricks – Which Diabetes Tests to undertake?

Diabetes care includes various steps in order to ensure your blood sugar levels never go out of control. The first step is to be aware and undergo the recommended basic sugar tests on a regular basis in order to ensure you are always in charge of your health. These tests may start to seem repetitive after some time once you …

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Jaggery, Honey, and Artificial Sweeteners – Can they form a part of your Diabetic Diet?

Consistently keeping sugar levels under control is a challenge that all diabetics face day in and day out. The diabetic food must be carefully planned in order to ensure optimum nutrition and limited sugar intake. Healthy substitutes to sugar consumption are often considered an easier option but not many of us are aware of their impact on glucose level in …

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