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The 1 to 10 Guide for Balancing Your Blood Sugar

1. 45 minutes to ONE-hour walk is mandatory

An important part of your diabetes care involves keeping yourself physically active and fit. If national diabetes association is to be believed, basic and short-term exercises for diabetes help cells in your muscles to take up more glucose in order to use it for energy and tissue repair, therefore lowering blood sugar in the process. Whereas long-term exercises also make cells more responsive to insulin and helps prevent resistance.

2. TWO serving of fruits = 200g helps keep the doctor away

Diabetic food is the most crucial part of diabetes management. Fruits for diabetics are a good substitute for heavy carbs which digest easily but result in blood sugar spikes. Have fruits and your body will thank you for life simply because fruits are full of fiber and extremely low on the glycemic index.

3. THREE serving of vegetables = 300g keeps sugars at bay

So it is time to go back to the roots. Switch your carbohydrate sources from grains to healthier options like green leafy and root veggies. Not only do these carbohydrates balance the inflammatory tendencies of your body but also contribute to healthy energy and cholesterol levels.

4. FOUR portions of dairy products – the best source of protein

When we consume healthy sources of proteins in our diabetic food as present in milk, yogurt and cheese etc., glucose from the meal enters our blood slowly, and the pancreas responds by secreting a measured amount of insulin. Protein helps pull sugar into the cells so your body can use it for energy. And, of course, carbohydrates provide your body with the preferred source of fuel: glucose.

5. FIVE soaked almonds make life crunchy

The all-time saviors, almonds work marvelously for the entire body functions. One of the best sources of fats, almonds help lower cholesterol and improve your brain and heart health too, apart from boosting your immunity.

6. SIX meals (3 major + 3 minor meal) every two hours

This is the smartest way to manage blood sugar levels. Observing what you eat is essential to identify foods that control diabetes. But keeping a tab on how much quantity you are consuming is even more essential because small portions eaten at regular intervals help maintain balanced glucose release in the bloodstream.

7. Outside foods once in SEVEN days

is acceptable when your sugar levels have been consistently under control. But even then, diabetics should make healthy food choices, especially if they are travelling. A good way to plan your meals is to speak to your personalized diabetes educator.

8. EIGHT hours of sound sleep keeps you relaxed

In a life driven by stress – both mental and physical – this is the most compromised part of our routine. Not many of us understand the importance of a sound sleep but that doesn’t mean our body doesn’t demand it. Sound sleep has multiple benefits on your body functioning, especially if you are a diabetic, failing which sugar levels your sugar levels are the first to be impacted.

9. NINE Servings of Cereals is a Perfect Mix

In order to kick start your mornings and keep up with the energy throughout the day, cereals serve as the healthiest choice which are both filling due to high fiber content and also support healthy blood sugar levels.

Typically, the following are commonly recommended whole grain cereals for diabetics:

• Whole wheat flour
• Wheat bran
• Whole cornmeal
• Barley
• Brown rice
• Buckwheat

10. TEN Glasses of water in a day keeps us hyderated always

Staying well hydrated boosts healthy blood circulation and aides natural detoxification of body toxins. It also helps regulate balanced blood sugar levels.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to keep monitoring your blood sugar levels using a Glucometer.

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